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(2011-12-30) Last day for Naperville red-light cameras approaches
(2011-12-29) City darkened red-light cams weeks ago: Early end to controversial program not announced
(2011-12-29) What Red Light Cameras Mean to Motorcyclists’ Safety
(2011-12-29) The Case Against Philly Red-Light Cameras
(2011-12-28) New Orleans police officers may owe a disproportionate share of traffic tickets
(2011-12-28) Traffic Cameras Can Be Bad Deals for Local Jurisdictions, Study Says
(2011-12-28) Plakon Seeks to Put Brakes on Red Light Cameras
(2011-12-28) Illinois: Local Official Charged with Traffic Camera Corruption
(2011-12-27) Florida capital briefs: New red-light camera repeal bill filed
(2011-12-26) Perry bill turns into red-light camera renewal
(2011-12-25) MoDOT tweaks duration of stoplights
(2011-12-23) Pima County Wants to Fix Poor Intersection Design With Cameras
(2011-12-23) Putting the brakes on red light cameras: SD city set to dump ordinance on dubious practice
(2011-12-23) KOB's No. 9 story of 2011; The end of Albuquerque's Red Light Camera Program
(2011-12-23) Manitoba NDP Continue To Delay Decision On Winnipeg’s Photo Enforcement Cash Cow
(2011-12-22) Red Light Robber: The story is true.
(2011-12-22) Sioux Falls red-light cameras might stay turned off
(2011-12-22) Analysis not even on radar
(2011-12-21) Los Angeles Red Light Cameras Now Being Removed
(2011-12-21) Manatee Pulls Plug on Red-Light Cameras For Now
(2011-12-21) Traffic Camera Company Demands $600,000 From Florida County
(2011-12-20) Supreme Court scheduled to decide on accepting traffic cam initiative appeal March 27
(2011-12-20) Manatee County scraps installed red light cameras
(2011-12-20) Red-light cameras remain divisive
(2011-12-20) Objective study for photo radar
(2011-12-20) Manatee County mulls end to red light cameras
(2011-12-19) City Council doesn’t like the idea of traffic cameras
(2011-12-19) Denver city auditor questions photo radar, red light cameras
(2011-12-19) OOIDA calls members to action to fight red light cameras
(2011-12-19) Denver must prove red-light cameras improve safety, city audit says
(2011-12-18) Manatee may step back from red-light cameras
(2011-12-17) Bad law is really taxing
(2011-12-17) Goldman Sacs (owner of scamera vendor ATS), gets partial ownership of St. Louis paper in bankuptcy. (Will the paper "toe" the company line???)
(2011-12-17) Red-light tickets issued to car owners
(2011-12-16) SF Council Talks Repealing Red Light Camera Ordinance
(2011-12-16) Gardena, California Dumps Red Light Camera
(2011-12-15) City votes down red-light cameras, OKs Butler Plaza expansion
(2011-12-15) Editorial: Slamming the brakes on red-light cameras
(2011-12-15) Nathan S. Collier: Is Gainesville destined to become a surveillance state?
(2011-12-15) Stop! City’s expensive and unenforceable red-light camera program to end in June
(2011-12-14) Gardena ends its red-light camera program
(2011-12-14) Class-action suit brewing over red-light cameras
(2011-12-14) Washington: Emails Shed Light on Traffic Camera Firm, Private firm calls the shots on photo enforcement in Lynnwood, Washington
(2011-12-13) Tale of two red-light citations in Palm Coast
(2011-12-12) Scrap photo radar: Brodbeck
(2011-12-12) Sluggish Economy Yields Record Traffic Safety Benefit, Fatal accidents drop to a 61-year low, including in states where red light cameras are banned.
(2011-12-11) Pasadena, CA May Dump Red Light Cameras
(2011-12-11) League City Council: Vote on red-light cameras
(2011-12-09) Red-light violation appeals on the rise
(2011-12-08) Lopatcong Township Council member blasts Pohatcong Township red-light cameras after being ticketed
(2011-12-07) Pasadena moves to end red light camera program
(2011-12-07) Stop the foolishness of red-light cameras
(2011-12-07) Red-light cameras are about revenue for governments, not safety for drivers
(2011-12-06) More drivers appealing camera violations
(2011-12-06) Fate of red light cameras in city rest in judge’s hands
(2011-12-05) Hearing Tuesday Looks at St. Louis City Red Light Cameras
(2011-12-04) Red-light cameras are about revenue
(2011-12-03) Bills to make red light camera challenges easier
(2011-12-01) Our View: Not a pretty picture for these cameras
(2011-12-01) Red light cameras: Safer? Maybe-ish. Revenue? Yup.
(2011-12-01) Red light camera tickets fall to challenge
(2011-11-30) MIT says algorithm can predict red light runners
(2011-11-30) Other cities are ditching cam tickets; Chicago doubles down
(2011-11-30) Do red-light cameras improve road safety or are they moneymakers for municipalities?
(2011-11-30) Red light cameras coming down on Martha Berry Highway
(2011-11-29) Did too much lobbying kill the red light camera bill?
(2011-11-29) OWS, Red-Light Cameras, and Corporatization of Government
(2011-11-29) Red Light Cameras: Safety or Profit?
(2011-11-28) ALEC in Arizona
(2011-11-28) Yellow light traffic study
(2011-11-28) A driver refutes the automated justice of D.C.'s red light cameras
(2011-11-27) Push to pull plug on red light cameras
(2011-11-27) Syracuse puts the brakes on plans for red light cameras
(2011-11-27) Nat'l Motorist Assoc. puts money where its mouth is re: red light cameras
(2011-11-25) Missouri: Lt Governor Candidate Campaigns Against Red Light Cameras
(2011-11-25) Red-light cameras are for revenue
(2011-11-23) Dubuque protestors speak out against traffic cameras
(2011-11-22) Cities await lawsuit ruling in red light camera tickets law
(2011-11-22) Council holds off on camera vote
(2011-11-22) City puts a stop to red light cameras
(2011-11-22) Forget about it! No red light cameras in Dayton
(2011-11-22) No fines or firings for city workers caught by red light cameras
(2011-11-22) City scraps plan for more red-light cameras
(2011-11-22) Traffic group bets $10K that cities can banish red-light cameras
(2011-11-22) Toni and Tony Twist the Truth
(2011-11-21) CameraGate:  Red-light safety or city revenue?
(2011-11-21) EXCLUSIVE: Investigation finds Atlanta breaking red light camera law
(2011-11-21) Political rivals: Slam brakes on red-light cameras in city
(2011-11-21) Red Light Camera Squabble Not Resolved
(2011-11-21) Washington cities say ‘nay’ to ticket cameras
(2011-11-21) National Motorists Association Issues Challenge to Cities Using Red-Light Ticket Cameras
(2011-11-20) NMA E-Newsletter: Plenty of Questions, Few Clear Answers
(2011-11-18) Installation of red light cameras in Columbia to cease
(2011-11-18) Does outsourcing maintenance of red light camera systems sacrifice safety?
(2011-11-18) Court official: Traffic ticket service isn't what its billed to be
(2011-11-18) Photo Ticketing Investors Content with Declining US Performance
(2011-11-17) Berry Signs Bill To End Red-Light Camera Program
(2011-11-17) Red Light Camera Debate: Drivers Ticketed For Stopping Over The White Line
(2011-11-17) Red-light vote before Iowa City Council
(2011-11-17) Redflex files suit
(2011-11-17) Houston's Red Light Cameras May Impact Local Cameras
(2011-11-17) Red-light bill
(2011-11-16) Red-light cameras: It's all about the money
(2011-11-16) Washington: Anti-Camera Initiative Sponsors Seek Rehearing in Court
(2011-11-15) Pharr gives red light to red light cameras
(2011-11-15) Libertarians support fairer red light camera process
(2011-11-14) Fighting back against red-light camera: Woman gets ticket after she sold her car
(2011-11-14) Red-light ticket issued to wrong driver
(2011-11-14) New virus travel scam? Fake traffic tickets
(2011-11-13) Yellow signal’s time lengthened by law
(2011-11-13) City unsure of next step on traffic cameras
(2011-11-12) They said stop
(2011-11-12) The Dangers of Privatizing Traffic Law Enforcement
(2011-11-11) Red-light camera vendor sues over new Tennessee law limiting citations
(2011-11-11) What are real reasons behind traffic cameras?
(2011-11-11) Lawsuit seeks to resume Knoxville red light camera citations: Suit claims right-on-red ban invalid
(2011-11-10) County Reconsiders Red Light Cameras: Changes to the laws could mean the county loses money on the program.
(2011-11-09) Woman Claims Cop Ran Red Light in Her Car
(2011-11-09) Man ticketed for running red light during funeral procession
(2011-11-09) Greed surpasses residents' safety, desire
(2011-11-09) B'ham Council President Calls Camera Program 'Mistake'
(2011-11-09) Yellow light length questioned in Green Cove camera cases: Opponents say changes tied to traffic cameras in Green Cove are unfair
(2011-11-09) Lawsuit seeks to resume Knoxville red light camera citations
(2011-11-09) Are traffic cameras poison for politicians?
(2011-11-09) Voters in Seven Cities Reject Photo Enforcement
(2011-11-09) Carroll: Put a stop to red-light cameras
(2011-11-08) Dayton voters elect Brown, reject red light cameras
(2011-11-08) Bellingham voters put brakes on red-light cameras
(2011-11-08) Voters put a stop sign on red-light camera use
(2011-11-08) Bellingham mayor trailing after supporting red-light cameras
(2011-11-08) Getting rid of red-light cameras right thing to do
(2011-11-08) Chicago Speed Cameras: Emanuel Exaggerates Safety Impact, Downplays Projected Revenue
(2011-11-08) City councilors nix red light cameras
(2011-11-08) The right to remain silent: What Menlo Park's "snitch tickets" won't tell you
(2011-11-08) Red-light cameras at intersections set to nab people trying to turn right on red?
(2011-11-08) Flagler motorists argue against red-light camera citations
(2011-11-08) Probe continues of Lynnwood police in traffic camera case
(2011-11-07) Revenue From Speed Cameras Could Dwarf Chicago’s Red Light Camera Program
(2011-11-06) B'ham Anti-Traffic Cam Group Leaks Emails Between City, Company
(2011-11-06) Cities Blink on Traffic Cameras: More Ask if Devices Used to Catch Drivers Running Red Lights Are for Safety or Revenue
(2011-11-06) Redflex Cameras in Port Lavaca Horrible Safety Record Uncovered
(2011-11-06) Red light cameras / Proceed with caution
(2011-11-05) Naperville and Redmond most recent cities to end red light camera programs
(2011-11-05) Monroe may stop using traffic-enforcement cameras
(2011-11-05) Red-light traffic cameras aren't picture perfect
(2011-11-05) Would speed cameras really save lives?
(2011-11-04) Red-Light Cameras Bust Wrong Driver -- Six Times!
(2011-11-04) American Traffic Solutions has contributed $36,000 to Longview campaign
(2011-11-04) The city where red light cameras ticket cars that have stopped
(2011-11-04) Redmond to get rid of red-light cameras, citing no safety improvement
(2011-11-04) Red light cameras make big bucks for Clay town -- and the state
(2011-11-03) Municipalities Forced To Write Tickets To Maintain Red-Light Contracts
(2011-11-03) Local government, red light camera installers in cahoots
(2011-11-02) Redmond City Council Votes to End Red-Light Camera Contract
(2011-11-02) Crime Does Pay
(2011-11-02) Naperville to quit using red-light cameras
(2011-11-01) Profit Above Patriotism: Un-American and Un-Acceptable
(2011-11-01) Voters Will Decide Fate of Red-Light Cameras
(2011-11-01) Red-light cameras criticized at Redding council meeting
(2011-11-01) Year later, Des Plaines wants more data on red-light cameras
(2011-11-01) Some Hallandale red-light violators may get money back
(2011-11-01) East Cleveland Fate Hinges on Red Light Camera Vote
(2011-11-01) Sexton: Red-light cameras are a menace
(2011-11-01) EDITORIAL: Red light shouts 'Stop!'
(2011-10-31) Voters will consider Bellingham anti-traffic camera initiative
(2011-10-30) Peter Edridge: Red-light cameras' real payoff is cash, not safety
(2011-10-29) Give red light to blank check
(2011-10-28) MURRIETA: Council to decide future of red-light camera initiative
(2011-10-28) Citizens groups starts new petition against Port Lavaca red light cameras
(2011-10-28) 'The Dark Knight' reveals profit motive behind red-light cameras
(2011-10-28) Traffic accidents increase in Geneva despite red-light cameras
(2011-10-28) YDR Opinion: No red light cameras
(2011-10-28) Another Report Shows Redlight Cameras Increasing Accidents
(2011-10-27) RIP OFF:Local governments like Monroe putting money over safety in red light camera dealsNew study shows
(2011-10-27) Public Safety vs Profit?
(2011-10-27) NO CAMERAS: Norwalk Leaders Vote Against Red Light & Speed Cameras
(2011-10-27) Pulling the plug on red light cameras
(2011-10-27) Red light cameras maintaining status quo at mission and 25th streets
(2011-10-27) Over Before It Starts: Redflex Kicked Out of Small AZ Mining Town
(2011-10-27) Group: Red light cameras are 'cash cows' for Redflex
(2011-10-27) Lawsuit filed over red-light cameras in Brevard County
(2011-10-27) Just say 'no' to traffic camera measures
(2011-10-26) Red-light traffic camera deals under scrutiny
(2011-10-26) Study questions outsourcing traffic camera systems
(2011-10-26) Missouri Appeals Court Sides with Red Light Cameras: Missouri appellate court panel headed by judge with family ties to industry upholds red light camera use
(2011-10-25) Red-light cameras' effect on accidents is debatable
(2011-10-24) Port Lavaca shrugs off resident's request for red light camera records; AG has found such information to be public
(2011-10-23) Red Light Cameras Simply a Scam
(2011-10-22) OPERATION PAPER BLIZZARD HITS MONROE: Anti red light ticket camera foes to highlight Monroe Mayor as anti-open government, anti-voter
(2011-10-21) Longer yellow lights are a go on Milton streets
(2011-10-21) County Judge: State Laws Nullify 9 Red-Light Tickets for Haines City Defendants
(2011-10-21) Pro-camera signs sponsored by company, not city government
(2011-10-21) Cities juggle traffic-camera controversies
(2011-10-21) Texas Resident Calls for Investigation Over Bogus Red Light Camera Tickets
(2011-10-20) "Grassroots" group campaigning for traffic cameras is financed by camera company: Road Rant
(2011-10-20) State lawmakers debate whether longer yellow lights would make drivers safer
(2011-10-20) East Cleveland Traffic Camera Meeting Turns Theatrical
(2011-10-19) Statewide sync-up of yellow traffic lights moves in House
(2011-10-19) 'Public opinion' factored into city ending red-light cameras
(2011-10-19) LAPD Mourns Loss of Red Light Cameras
(2011-10-19) LAPD Is Taking the Death of the City's Red-Light Camera Program Pretty Hard
(2011-10-18) Photo red gets red light
(2011-10-18) Springs May End Red Light Camera Program
(2011-10-18) Longview voters must navigate trio of traffic camera ballot measures
(2011-10-18) Judge Fines City for Withholding Red-Light Camera Documents
(2011-10-18) BREAKING NEWS: City to end red-light cameras
(2011-10-18) MURRIETA: Voters may decide on red light cameras
(2011-10-18) City council puts the breaks on spending red light camera revenue
(2011-10-17) Senate panel reviews red light camera issue again
(2011-10-17) Red-Light Camera Petition Gets Enough Signatures
(2011-10-17) Red Light Camera Repeal (Florida)
(2011-10-17) Red-light cameras the way to stop cheating husbands and pot-smoking kids?
(2011-10-17) Angered by ticket, Plano resident seeking to rid city of red-light cameras
(2011-10-16) Americans Like Surveillance Cameras Except at Red Lights
(2011-10-16) Pave Paradise, Put Up a Red-Light Camera and Digital Billboard
(2011-10-16) Red-light cameras all about making cities money
(2011-10-15) Motorists file $6M suit over traffic cameras
(2011-10-14) Election Day: Washington cities to get say on ticket cameras
(2011-10-14) With traffic camera contract expiring, Lynnwood council debate continues
(2011-10-14) Red-Light Cameras Have Plano Man Seeing Red
(2011-10-14) Frontline: City council should have asked voters about traffic cameras, should cancel contract after election
(2011-10-13) Red Light Repeal has Green Light
(2011-10-13) Lessons learned from red-light camera debate
(2011-10-13) City Council plans to end contract with traffic-camera vendor
(2011-10-13) Red light petition circulated in Plano
(2011-10-12) Bye, bye red light cameras!
(2011-10-12) Almost half of red-light camera tickets from rolling right turns
(2011-10-12) Route 59 construction could signal end of red light cameras in Naperville
(2011-10-12) Red light petition circulated
(2011-10-12) City Council Members Talk of Cutting Ties With Red-Light Camera Vendor
(2011-10-11) Broward woman dead for months gets red-light ticket: Camera operator says death doesn't void citations
(2011-10-11) Traffic Camera Vote in Baytown Texas Invalidated; Citizens Angered
(2011-10-11) Lawmaker: There will be an anti-red light camera bill
(2011-10-11) Driving while deceased? Lieberman's sis gets dreaded red light camera ticket 3 months after she dies
(2011-10-11) Red-Light Cameras Line the Pockets of Very Bad Boys
(2011-10-10) City councilors to hear testimony for, against red light cameras
(2011-10-10) Government: No respite from red-light cameras
(2011-10-10) Varying times of yellow traffic lights have many drivers seeing red
(2011-10-09) Tempers Flare at City Hall as Election Approaches in Bell Gardens (RLC contract allowed to expire)
(2011-10-09) Length of yellow traffic lights not same at all intersections with red-light cameras
(2011-10-09) Emails intimate a Lynnwood city hall under siege
(2011-10-08) City wiped out 500 red-light camera tickets
(2011-10-07) Bellingham traffic camera foes back in court
(2011-10-06) Oldsmar's red-light camera plans on hold due to accuracy question
(2011-10-06) Your right to turn right on red
(2011-10-06) Seeing Red: Long Island’s Controversial Red Light Cameras
(2011-10-06) Expert says Lynnwood traffic camera data is inconclusive
(2011-10-05) DFW cities hit roadblock in collecting red-light fines
(2011-10-05) New twist for Baytown's red light camera controversy
(2011-10-05) Class-action lawsuit challenges Hazelwood's red light cameras
(2011-10-05) Oldsmar puts the brakes on red-light cameras
(2011-10-05) Albuquerque, New Mexico Voters Reject Red Light Cameras
(2011-10-04) Voters Saying No To Red Light Cameras
(2011-10-04) Traffic camera is a red-hot problem
(2011-10-04) Red Light Cameras at Golf, Rand Roads Give Mixed Safety Results
(2011-10-03) Lakeland to Settle in Red-Light Camera Lawsuit
(2011-10-03) "Right Turn On Red", becoming the top red-light camera violation in some cities
(2011-10-03) Albuquerque voters to vote on red-light cameras
(2011-10-03) Peoria turns off red light cameras
(2011-10-03) Blinding Red Lights: An interview with Jay Beeber
(2011-10-03) Texas City Works with Camera Company to Nullify Anti-Camera Vote
(2011-10-02) Miami-Dade red light camera system in the works
(2011-10-02) Peter Edridge: Turn lane's red-light camera is a golden goose
(2011-10-02) Brooksville shouldn't turn to red-light cameras to make ends meet
(2011-09-30) High-ranking NOPD officer accused of altering license plate
(2011-09-30) Ore. city decides against red light cameras
(2011-09-30) Opponents of Red-Light Cameras Rally for the Cause
(2011-09-30) Lakeland Close to Settling Red Light Camera Suit
(2011-09-29) Red light not so special
(2011-09-29) Pasco man gets ticket in mail for going through green light
(2011-09-29) Ethics Complaint Filed Against Red-Light Camera Committee
(2011-09-29) Washington: City Goes All Out to Defend Dangerous Camera Program
(2011-09-28) Red Light Camera Debate: Contracts, The Charter, Power
(2011-09-28) Redmond Traffic-Cam Violations Down, Collisions Up
(2011-09-28) Red Light Camera Revenue
(2011-09-28) Red light cameras not exactly a cash cow, economist says
(2011-09-27) Anticipated red light camera revenue comes up short
(2011-09-27) Eyman files suit against city concerning traffic-enforcement cameras
(2011-09-27) Red light cam gets a red light from city
(2011-09-27) Traffic camera vote not binding
(2011-09-26) A 24 hour cop gets all the grief
(2011-09-26) Does your red light cam vote matter? Some councilors will go with voters
(2011-09-26) DOWNEY: Racing against the clock
(2011-09-26) Fear Grows In Nassau Over Alleged Malfunctioning Red-Light Cameras
(2011-09-26) The Way It Oughta Be: Red Light Camera Company's
(2011-09-26) The bottom here is, 'don't mess with Texas.'
(2011-09-26) Lynnwood may spend $10,000 on camera probe
(2011-09-26) Missouri: Violations Still Down with Longer Yellows, Red light ticketing drops 86 percent in Arnold, Missouri after state lengthens yellow light timing.
(2011-09-25) Bellingham council, candidates weigh importance of anti-traffic camera initiative
(2011-09-23) Texas: Red Light Camera Tickets a Man Running a Green Light
(2011-09-23) Houstonian sues city, mayor over red-light camera tickets
(2011-09-23) Court Takes Up Red-Light Legal Challenge: Attorneys Argue Over Constitutionality
(2011-09-23) New class action lawsuit filed over red light camera tickets
(2011-09-22) Raul Martinez bashes Hialeah mayor of red-light cameras
(2011-09-22) Under the Big Eyes
(2011-09-22) Mayor, City Council ignoring laws governing initiatives | Tim Eyman
(2011-09-22) City puts a halt to traffic-enforcement camera petition: Harlan calls decision 'insulting'
(2011-09-21) Little love for red-light cameras among Iowa City Council candidates
(2011-09-21) Judge asks to hear more, suggests Monroe might have erred in traffic camera case
(2011-09-21) City Decides Not to Hand in Red-Light Camera Petition
(2011-09-21) Judge tossing out some traffic light camera tickets
(2011-09-21) Red-Light Cameras to Cease in Raleigh, NC: A study showed that the number of fatalities increased...
(2011-09-20) Brodbeck: Beginning of the end for photo radar. It's time to end this cash cow
(2011-09-20) Accuracy of newly-installed red light cameras questioned
(2011-09-20) MURRIETA: Petition to ban red-light cameras submitted
(2011-09-20) Red-Light Camera Petitioner Awaits Official Signature Count
(2011-09-20) Raleigh's red-light cameras could go black by October
(2011-09-20) Bluff City offering refunds for traffic camera citations
(2011-09-20) Red-light camera opponents lose key supporter
(2011-09-20) ATS Controls Non-Profit Agencies Advocating Red-Light Cameras in Missouri, Says Lawsuit
(2011-09-20) East Denver red light camera ticketing innocent drivers
(2011-09-20) Traffic Light Cameras: Encroaching Upon Our Safety, Freedom
(2011-09-20) Louisiana: Legality of Municipal Red Light Camera Contract Questioned
(2011-09-19) Florida prefiles cover left lane use, ticket cams
(2011-09-19) Traffic light camera scam steals your identity
(2011-09-19) Right-turn offenses top red-light violations
(2011-09-19) Cops vs. photo radar
(2011-09-19) Missouri: Lawsuit Challenges Red Light Camera Legality, Astroturf
(2011-09-19) Los Angeles ponders extending yellow-light times
(2011-09-18) Evert Dale: Red-light cameras drain our economy
(2011-09-18) Red light camera debate heats up online
(2011-09-17) MURRIETA: Red-light camera petition due Tuesday
(2011-09-16) Guest Opinion: Redmond Officials Must Let Residents Vote on Cameras
(2011-09-16) Documents reveal why dangerous intersections don't have red-light cameras
(2011-09-16) Red-light cameras' legal snags
(2011-09-15) PSAs Allegedly Tied To Red Light Camera Company: Non-Profit Group Supposedly Has Ties To Company Who Profits From Traffic Tickets
(2011-09-15) Scrap photo radar: Fielding, City councillor wants cops, not cameras
(2011-09-15) Anti-camera activists collect more than 6,000 signatures for first-ever
(2011-09-15) Red Light Cameras: Over the Line
(2011-09-15) Red-Light Cameras: A Cautionary Tale From Houston
(2011-09-15) Mesa next on list for ban on traffic cameras
(2011-09-15) Rise in recorded accidents at camera site
(2011-09-14) Pushing to extend yellow-light signal times
(2011-09-14) Mesa official considering whether to extend traffic cameras or not
(2011-09-14) Anti-Camera Activists Turn In Signatures to City Hall
(2011-09-14) Peoria will deactivate red-light cameras on Oct. 3
(2011-09-14) Petition seeks to put red-light cameras before voters
(2011-09-14) Voters Get A Say On Red-Light Cameras
(2011-09-14) The Red-Light Camera Circus
(2011-09-14) Red light tickets dropped in Daytona Beach
(2011-09-14) Council eyes camera contract
(2011-09-14) National Coalition for Safer Roads Run by American Traffic Solutions
(2011-09-14) 31 Daytona Beach red-light tickets dismissed for lack of documentation
(2011-09-13) Petition Drive Targets Red-Light Cameras: Group Considers Traffic Cameras Unconstitutional, Unfair
(2011-09-13) Controversy Continues About Lafayette Red Light Cameras
(2011-09-13) L.A. kills plan to keep some red light traffic cameras
(2011-09-13) Hallandale Beach residents: Take down the red light cameras!
(2011-09-13) The Corruption of Government Officials (and Police) by the Ticket Camera Industry
(2011-09-12) Activists Want Green Light to Remove Red Light Cameras
(2011-09-12) HOW BADLY DOES MONROE’S RED LIGHT CAMERA COMPANY WANT THEIR PRODUCTS ON CITY STREETS? It is willing to finance “citizen”voter initiative
(2011-09-11) Redflex the only player paying to sway voters on red light camera initiative
(2011-09-09) Class-action suit against Jefferson Parish redlight cameras sends notices to those who paid fines
(2011-09-09) Lawmakers Refuse To Block Traffic Camera Initiative
(2011-09-09) Washington: Traffic Camera Company Runs Press Relations for Lynnwood
(2011-09-09) MORENO VALLEY: Residents question lone red light camera
(2011-09-08) Final effort to block Bellingham traffic cam measure rebuffed
(2011-09-08) Council has barking dogs, red light cameras on agenda
(2011-09-08) ATS still seeking to kill Bellingham's traffic cam ballot measure
(2011-09-07) Red Light Camera Citations Drop Sharply With New Right Turn Rules
(2011-09-07) Red-light-camera debate gets complicated in Bellingham
(2011-09-07) Bellingham traffic-camera initiative to stay on ballot, judge rules
(2011-09-07) Knoxville red-light camera tickets fall down sharply because of new state law
(2011-09-06) Put brakes on traffic light issue
(2011-09-06) Red Light Ticket Class Action Lawsuit Notices To Be Sent
(2011-09-06) Right turns under red-light cameras judged differently in Volusia, Flagler
(2011-09-05) Scrapped Car Still Getting Red Light Tickets?
(2011-09-05) Intersection cameras are put on notice
(2011-09-02) Jeff Ward: Patchland! Rise Up and Throw Off Those Red-Light-Camera Shackles!
(2011-09-02) Initiatives to End Photo Enforcement Scheduled for Upcoming Elections
(2011-09-01) Red-Light Cameras Lawsuit Moves Forward
(2011-09-01) Paris TN: No plans for traffic cameras in Paris TN
(2011-09-01) State Assembly Approves Law to Foil Red Light Camera Abuses
(2011-09-01) Tarpon officials don't see need for red light cameras
(2011-09-01) Red light cameras – highway robbery!
(2011-08-31) Dayton red light camera nonbinding referendum to be on Nov. 8 ballot
(2011-08-30) Bob Sirott's One More Thing about Red Light Cameras
(2011-08-30) Eyman, Minnick spar over voter’s pamphlet
(2011-08-30) Camera intersections get longer yellow lights
(2011-08-30) Bill would restricting use of red-light cameras
(2011-08-30) Ernst: Officials pretend red-light cameras are for safety
(2011-08-29) Bellingham one of three cities with traffic-camera battle on ballot
(2011-08-29) One Lawyer’s Crusade Against Red Light
(2011-08-29) Bellingham Woman Says Associate Of Red Light Camera Company Harassed Her
(2011-08-29) SAN BERNARDINO: Police chief, city attorney's office spar over red lights
(2011-08-29) Lawyer battles red-light tickets
(2011-08-28) Woman Files Restraining Order Against Traffic Camera Co.
(2011-08-28) Eyman, red-light-camera foes push for city bans
(2011-08-26) Back Off Big Brother: Red Light Cameras Draw Ire And Violence
(2011-08-26) Houston wants red-light case out of federal court
(2011-08-26) Baytown reaches deal to turn off red light cameras
(2011-08-26) MONROE’S MAYOR ATTEMPTS TO SABOTAGE VOTER’S STATEMENT AGAINST RED LIGHT CAMERAS, Claim members of anti-red light camera groups
(2011-08-25) New Orleans, Not Houston, We Have A Problem With Red Light Cameras
(2011-08-25) Class Action Lawsuits Against Missouri Red-Light Camera Cities
(2011-08-25) Ellisville Sued for Red-Light Camera Use
(2011-08-25) On Red-Light Cameras and the Constitution
(2011-08-25) Big Brother Bloomberg, Traffic cameras have no place in a free society
(2011-08-24) Port Lavaca resident continues fight to remove red-light cameras
(2011-08-24) Attorney to investigate relationship between Lynnwood PD, red light camera company
(2011-08-24) Houston red-light cameras: All over but the litigation
(2011-08-24) Houston latest US city to end red-light cameras
(2011-08-24) City Council Votes to Turn Off Red Light Cameras
(2011-08-24) City of Arnold and Red Light Camera Vendor American Traffic Solutions Hit with Multi-Million Dollar Class Action Lawsuit
(2011-08-24) Bellingham puts red-light cameras on hold as initiative fight continues
(2011-08-24) Can city survive without red-light cameras? Lynnwood’s leaders disagree on necessity of ticket revenue
(2011-08-23) Florissant Named in Lawsuit for Red-Light Cameras
(2011-08-23) Stop-sign cameras: It's not just the ticket
(2011-08-23) Report: Creve Coeur, other St. Louis cities sued over Red Light Cameras
(2011-08-23) HOW ONE MAN DID THE HEAVY LIFTING THAT KILLED L.A.’s RED LIGHT TICKET PROGRAM, And what lessons may be learned by Monroe and other cities
(2011-08-22) FCRA Transportation Chairman Calls Insurance Discounts Bait and Switch Tactic
(2011-08-22) New Red Light Camera Traffic Law Causing Confusion
(2011-08-22) Rash of Lawsuits Challenge Red-Light Camera Ordinances; Cities and Camera Company Sued
(2011-08-22) Laguna Niguel Bans Red-Light Cameras
(2011-08-22) Camera lawsuit raises Constitutional questions
(2011-08-21) Painted into a fiscal corner
(2011-08-20) TIM EYMAN SAYS “I TOLD YOU SO!” About those red light ticket cameras
(2011-08-20) A cop defends sock-puppet public relations
(2011-08-19) Red light cameras called into question over 'short' yellow lights
(2011-08-19) Hundreds of invalid red light citations issued in Gallatin
(2011-08-19) Lynwood police concede they need traffic camera revenue to maintain jobs, not only safety
(2011-08-19) Tampa, Florida Incentive to Increase Automobile Insurance Rates
(2011-08-18) Revolt against red-light cameras? Bellingham vote allowed
(2011-08-18) Police Chief Beck's Q&A With Chamber: Good riddance to red-light cameras, says Beck during casual address...
(2011-08-18) Lynnwood chief: Police jobs depend on enforcement cameras
(2011-08-18) Washington Judge Issues $10,000 Ticket Against Red Light Camera Firm
(2011-08-18) CB 8 panel wants traffic signal timers: Say red light cameras cause crashes
(2011-08-18) Tim Eyman Claims Red-Light-Camera Victory in Bellingham; Aims for Statewide Win Next
(2011-08-18) Red Light Camera Opponent Says They Should Stay On For Now
(2011-08-18) New Orleans Mayor Discusses Department Head Dismissal
(2011-08-18) Study finds cameras focus on cash
(2011-08-17) GDOT: Red Light Cameras Ordered Down in 2010
(2011-08-17) Judge: Bellingham anti-camera initiative may proceed to ballot
(2011-08-17) Voters may say ‘stop’ to red-light cameras in Dayton
(2011-08-17) Vendor, Houston hope for a red-light deal
(2011-08-17) Houston mayor defends red-light camera U-turn
(2011-08-17) Judge rejects effort to stop Bellingham anti-traffic camera initiative: ATS plans to appeal, but ballots will be printed soon
(2011-08-17) Vote on red-light camera resolution delayed for a week
(2011-08-16) East Cleveland Residents: Traffic Cameras Hurt the Poor
(2011-08-16) Cleveland communities seek votes to end ticket cam programs
(2011-08-16) CORONA: Fate of red-light cameras to be decided
(2011-08-16) Houston mayor 'rolls dice' on red-light cameras: She wants to repeal ordinance, let city take contract dispute to court
(2011-08-16) Ruling limits Red Bank red-light cameras
(2011-08-15) Tucson man questions red light camera legality
(2011-08-15) Critics: Red-light cams more politics than policy
(2011-08-15) Red-Light Camera Operator Asks for Restraining Order Against Mayor: Judge denies request, calls it premature
(2011-08-15) Mayor Parker pushing to turn red light cams off
(2011-08-15) Davie may cancel red-light camera program
(2011-08-14) Red Light…Green Light…Red Light Cameras!
(2011-08-14) Red light camera company runs up big lobbying tab in Florida
(2011-08-13) Mayor releases plan for red-light cameras: As city battles vendor, resolution will ask council to OK devices' shutoff
(2011-08-13) Judge asked to stop cameras from being turned off
(2011-08-13) Brown shutters red-light camera bid
(2011-08-12) ATS Threatened, Believes Mayor is Trying to Turn Off Red-Light Cams
(2011-08-12) Vendor says mayor is preparing to turn off red-light cameras
(2011-08-12) Records bring traffic cameras into focus
(2011-08-11) Tennessee Attorney General Backs Right Turn Camera Ticket Ban
(2011-08-11) EDITORIAL: Run a red light, win $1,000: Photo-ticketing scam could end up costing Virginia localities big money
(2011-08-11) Red light cameras continue court battle
(2011-08-10) Initiative backers ask judge to penalize ATS for its lawsuit
(2011-08-10) Red-light cameras don't always make us safer
(2011-08-10) Tucson red-light camera contract on verge of expiring
(2011-08-10) 7 months after OK, Miami-Dade red light cameras don't click
(2011-08-10) More Ohio Cities to Hold Anti-Traffic Camera Votes
(2011-08-09) Red light running reduced in Milton
(2011-08-09) Sleazy Ticket Camera Corporation Tactics Exposed
(2011-08-08) Red light cameras hit stop signs in many Inland cities
(2011-08-08) Red-Light Camera Trial Postponed for State Senator Jim Lembke
(2011-08-08) Cameras yield questions
(2011-08-08) Pa. lawmaker signals yellow light on traffic camera expansion
(2011-08-08) Washington: Traffic Camera Executive Orchestrated Anti-Voter Suit
(2011-08-08) For motorists, cameras raise a red flag
(2011-08-07) ATS vice-president called out Mukilteo official on red-light email
(2011-08-07) Traffic camera company sought Mukilteo officials' help in filing lawsuit
(2011-08-06) Pasadena runs the light on traffic cameras
(2011-08-04) Could the Red-Light Camera Issue Cost Parker the Re-Election?
(2011-08-04) Pasadena could soon be getting rid of its red-light camera program
(2011-08-04) RED LIGHT CAMERA COMPANY 0-FOR-1In effort to keep initiative off Bellingham ballot
(2011-08-04) Red-light cameras don’t always make us safer
(2011-08-03) Judge Mura rules against American Traffic Solutions request to keep initiative off ballot
(2011-08-03) City Hall Packed for Red-Light Camera Showdown
(2011-08-02) Longer yellow light aims to cut crashes
(2011-08-02) Can We Pull a Los Angeles on Red Light Cameras?
(2011-08-02) Red light camera company sues Bellingham
(2011-08-02) Battle over Houston's red light cameras heads to city hall
(2011-08-01) EDITORIAL: Alexandria’s voluntary cameras, Red-light photo tickets can be safely ignored in Alexandria and Los Angeles
(2011-08-01) Port Lavaca resident continues battle to remove red-light cameras
(2011-08-01) American Traffic Solutions tries to keep camera initiative off ballot
(2011-08-01) American Traffic Solutions, traffic camera company, files lawsuit
(2011-07-31) Dunnellon misusing red-light cameras
(2011-07-31) Cameras no guarantee of green: Expanding use of red-light monitors might not make sense
(2011-07-30) End of red-light cameras comes none too soon
(2011-07-29) Vendor shuts city out of information related to red-light cameras
(2011-07-29) A call for civil disobedience
(2011-07-29) Washington: Anti-Camera Referendum Sponsors Fight Back
(2011-07-28) Misleading Scientific American Report On Traffic Cameras
(2011-07-28) Clearwater red-light camera plans based on tickets, not crash data
(2011-07-28) The City of Buffalo Puts the Brakes on Red Light Cameras
(2011-07-28) Memo To Miami City Commissioners: Red Light Cameras Suck
(2011-07-27) Davie may cancel red-light camera program
(2011-07-27) Red-light camera plans halted in St. Helens
(2011-07-27) Red Light Cameras Will Turn Off on July 31
(2011-07-27) Exit Ahead for Red-Light Cameras
(2011-07-27) Orange set to ban red-light cameras
(2011-07-27) Hundreds gather in protest of red light cameras
(2011-07-27) Richard Retting Cashes in on Lifetime of Traffic Camera Advocacy: Father of the red light camera in America converts advocacy into personal revenue
(2011-07-26) REAL ID Foes Want to Shift Burden of Proof in Red-Light Camera Cases
(2011-07-26) Red Light Cameras One Step Closer to Extinction in Los Angeles
(2011-07-26) Drivers can disregard red-light camera tickets in L.A.
(2011-07-26) California City to Vote on Banning Red Light Cameras
(2011-07-25) Committee Votes to Ditch Los Angeles Red Light Cameras
(2011-07-25) EYMAN TO CITY OF MONROE: No fair using taxpayer dollars to influence voters
(2011-07-24) Cameras Turned Back On; Houston Media Calls For Uprising
(2011-07-23) Red-light cameras aren’t the bonanza cities expected
(2011-07-23) Phoenix Gives Up on Additional Red Light Cameras
(2011-07-23) Rolling Back the Nanny State: One red-light camera at a time
(2011-07-22) $1.8 M Cost To Shutter San Bernardino Red Light Cameras
(2011-07-22) Red light cameras may be losing the city money
(2011-07-22) Neighborhood Group Favors Scrapping Traffic Cameras
(2011-07-21) Investigation: Drivers File Class-Action Lawsuit Over Stop Sign Cameras
(2011-07-21) Cities may hit the brakes on red light cameras
(2011-07-21) Peoria City Council to review red-light cameras
(2011-07-21) Photo finish(ed) or not? Public concerns drive a nationwide backlash against traffic cameras, photo radar
(2011-07-20) Hospitals Get Shafted on Red Light Camera Money
(2011-07-21) Proceed with caution on red-light cameras
(2011-07-19) Clearwater to halt red-light cameras
(2011-07-19) Critics renew red-light camera fight in Wenatchee
(2011-07-19) With board split, River Forest punts on red light cameras: Village administrator will gather more information
(2011-07-19) Clearwater puts red-light camera plan on hold
(2011-07-19) Red light camera fight heads to federal court
(2011-07-19) City Leaders Put Brakes on Red Light Camera Plan
(2011-07-19) With so many red-light cameras, lawmaker wants longer yellow lights
(2011-07-19) Tennessee: Man Sues Traffic Camera Company Over Double Billing
(2011-07-18) Red-light cameras won't go up in Longwood: Commission votes 3-2 against installation of photo-enforcement devices
(2011-07-18) California: More Cities Dropping Red Light Cameras
(2011-07-16) IT’S LAWYER TIME, In Monroe battle over red light ticket cameras
(2011-07-15) SAN BERNARDINO: Sticker shock on red-light camera contract
(2011-07-15) Red-light Cameras Shut Down in Long Beach - Not As Effective As We Thought
(2011-07-15) Monroe to sue backers of traffic-camera initiative
(2011-07-15) Longer Yellow-Lights
(2011-07-15) Red light camera issue goes to Westminster voters
(2011-07-14) I Oppose Red Light Cameras. Here’s Why
(2011-07-14) Longview council mum after executive session on traffic cameras
(2011-07-14) GRAND TERRACE: Red-light cameras to shut down
(2011-07-14) First the Edsel, now red light cameras
(2011-07-14) Sugar Land Drops 2 Red Light Cameras
(2011-07-13) Getting wise to red light cameras
(2011-07-13) Long Beach red-light cameras go dark
(2011-07-13) New petition started to protect camera opponents from lawsuit
(2011-07-13) 2 cities reconsidering red light cameras
(2011-07-13) Boynton Beach comes clean
(2011-07-13) INGLE: Red-light camera poll seems more like sales pitch
(2011-07-12) Cities questioning future of red-light cameras
(2011-07-12) More On The Red Light Camera Saga
(2011-07-12) Controversy over officer who was vocal red light camera supporter
(2011-07-12) Houston's red-light cameras are on; tickets are off
(2011-07-12) Police union director also a red-light camera lobbyist
(2011-07-11) BREAKING: Redflex Cameras in Tempe are Coming Down
(2011-07-11) Bellingham traffic camera initiative will go on November ballot
(2011-07-11) Family ties between cameras and court
(2011-07-11) Many Motorists Enraged by Camera-Issued Tickets
(2011-07-11) Washington: City Sued for Blocking Anti-Camera Referendum
(2011-07-10) City Stalls For Time, Gets Red Light Camera Rule Changed
(2011-07-10) Traffic cameras won't end budget woes
(2011-07-10) Red Light, Green Cash
(2011-07-09) Seeing Yellow… But Not For Very Long
(2011-07-09) City council majority defends choices(discontinues red light camera program)
(2011-07-08) EDITORIAL: Judicial cash grab: Bureaucrats cancel elections to keep red-light camera loot
(2011-07-08) Judge Denies City's Right to Appeal Red Light Camera Decision
(2011-07-07) Should We Demand a Referendum to Remove Red Light Cameras?
(2011-07-07) Red Light Camera For Mistaken Identity
(2011-07-07) Michael Kubosh discusses Red Light Camera's on Real Talk - Part1
(2011-07-07) Houston Chronicle Outs Annise Parker
(2011-07-07) Houston, Texas Mayor Defies Voters, Restarts Red Light Cameras
(2011-07-06) Call For Action: Ashtabula Traffic Camera License Plate Mix Up
(2011-07-06) In closed-door meeting, City Council to hear options for traffic cam initiative Monday
(2011-07-06) Thank you, People's Republic of Lynnwood
(2011-07-06) Murrieta Woman Continues Fight to Ban Red-Light Cameras
(2011-07-06) Drivers Stopping Means Red-Light Cameras Don’t Yield Cash Goals
(2011-07-05) Traffic camera opponents confident they've got enough petition signatures
(2011-07-05) Red-light camera report a real stinker
(2011-07-05) Murrieta Woman Continues Fight to Ban Red-Light Cameras
(2011-07-04) Help Me Howard: Funeral Ticketed
(2011-07-04) MURRIETA: Anti-red-light camera petition almost complete
(2011-07-04) Government shouldn't put a stop light in front of voters
(2011-07-04) The Collision Over Traffic Cameras
(2011-07-03) 500 People Given Red Light Tickets Instead of Speed Camera Tickets
(2011-07-02) Red light cameras not going away yet
(2011-07-01) Bellingham anti-traffic camera initiative qualifies for ballot
(2011-07-01) Lynnwood camera-enforced intersections: safer or not?
(2011-06-30) They should have let us vote
(2011-06-30) Mayor Pike urged ATS not to challenge the anti-camera initiative
(2011-06-30) EDITORIAL: Red-light-camera flop: IIHS junk-science claims won’t save deeply unpopular ticketing programs
(2011-06-30) Tim Eyman tries to stop Monroe red light cameras
(2011-06-30) The Way It Ought To Be: Red Light Cameras
(2011-06-30) Hialeah ends red-light camera program
(2011-06-30) DOT Puts Brakes on Red Light Cameras in South Brunswick
(2011-06-30) Washington: Anti-Camera Group to Shame City Council
(2011-06-30) Red Light Camera Debate Heats Up in Phoenix
(2011-06-29) Red-light cameras illegal?
(2011-06-29) Monroe initiative would repeat objections to traffic cameras
(2011-06-28) Red Light, Yellow Light: Red-light citations plummet in Arnold
(2011-06-28) Traffic Cameras Nab Speeders and Controversy: "Red light cameras" being outlawed after claims they actually cause accidents.
(2011-06-28) Red-Light Camera Backlash, Are They Causing Accidents?
(2011-06-27) Do All Red Light Camera Intersections Have Warning Signs?
(2011-06-27) Red Light Cameras Disappearing
(2011-06-27) N.J. red light cameras raise revenue but don't lower number of accidents
(2011-06-27) Red light camera backlash
(2011-06-27) Let's remain cautious on use of red-light cameras: There is a trend of cities and states turning against them.
(2011-06-26) American Jurisprudence - innocent until proven guilty, except for red lights
(2011-06-26) Lies and Distortions in the Red-Light Camera Debate
(2011-06-26) Red-light cameras partly to blame for Fort Lauderdale's budget woes
(2011-06-26) Is this the end for red light cameras?
(2011-06-26) Red light cameras in Urbandale? Not likely, leaders say
(2011-06-26) City Hall playing games with red light cameras
(2011-06-24) Longview council approves advisory vote on traffic cameras
(2011-06-24) Could a Longer Yellow Mean Less Green in City Coffers?
(2011-06-24) Challenges to red light cameras span US: Studies touting safety benefits sometimes contradictory, incomplete
(2011-06-24) US Supreme Court Confirms Confrontation Right in Radar, DUI Cases
(2011-06-24) Wash. teen crusades against ticketing traffic cams
(2011-06-23) Trial balloon deflating: Second red-light-camera election losing favor
(2011-06-23) Could Safer Traffic Signals End Red-Light Camera Tickets? Fox 2 Breaks Down The Big Business Of Camera Cops
(2011-06-23) New MoDOT Program Will Give Drivers More Time to Stop for Yellow Lights, Cut Down on Red Light Runners
(2011-06-23) Traffic Camera Companies Step Up Fight Against Ballot Measures
(2011-06-22) With Red Light Cameras All But Gone, What’s Next for Creating Safe Crossings
(2011-06-22) Too hot for American Traffic Solutions in Arizona? Are they planning to move their headquarters from Scottsdale?
(2011-06-22) Controversial Red-Light Camera Program In Napa Being Scaled Back
(2011-06-22) Longer Yellow Lights in MO Are Stopping Red Light Runners
(2011-06-22) Red-Light Camera Citations Drop in Arnold as MoDOT Changes Yellow Light Times
(2011-06-22) Red-light cameras again flummox L.A. City Council
(2011-06-22) Texas DPS Warns About Red-Light Ticket Scam
(2011-06-22) MONROE CITY COUNCIL SAYS NO PUBLIC VOTE ON RED LIGHT CAMERAS: "A travesty” says anti-camera foes
(2011-06-21) Council fails to overturn Police Commission's decision on red light cameras
(2011-06-21) LA: Red-Light Camera Contract Set to Expire
(2011-06-21) Democracy in action: Mukilteo's success gives green light to efforts to stop traffic cameras
(2011-06-21) Movement to Ban Red Light Cameras in Murrieta Gathers Steam
(2011-06-21) Lawmakers look to voters to weigh in on red light cameras
(2011-06-21) AB 529: California’s Red Light Revenue Raid
(2011-06-20) Red-light camera company wants Houston to clear the air: Surveillance back on? Court fight ahead?
(2011-06-20) Longwood delays votes on red-light cameras: City will address issue at next commission meeting in July
(2011-06-20) Bellingham anti-camera initiative backers submit nearly 7,000 signatures
(2011-06-20) City given ultimatum in red light camera decision
(2011-06-20) EYMAN TO MONROEMAYOR & COUNCIL: Don’t lawyer up dudes,do the right thing
(2011-06-19) Everything you need to know about Tampa Bay's red-light cameras
(2011-06-17) Monroe traffic-camera initiative gets enough signatures
(2011-06-17) After impassioned pleas, debate on red-light cameras put off by L.A. City Council
(2011-06-17) Judge Strikes Down Spokane Photo Red Program
(2011-06-17) Stop sign put up for red-light camera vote outcome
(2011-06-17) EVERYTHING'S ON HOLD: Mayor Parker to examine red-light camera program (again) after judge voids referendum
(2011-06-16) Are states missing point on ticket cams?
(2011-06-16) Pembroke Pines ready to issue red-light ticket refunds
(2011-06-16) Hialeah gives initial OK to remove red-light cameras
(2011-06-16) Red-Light Losers: One city pulls the plug on intersection cameras after they fail to produce revenue
(2011-06-16) Tampa red light camera revenue to go to panhandlers?
(2011-06-16) Monroe, Washington Anti-Camera Referendum Advances
(2011-06-16) Jay Beeber: Folk Hero Stops L.A.'s Red Light Cameras
(2011-06-15) Voter power questioned with red light cameras
(2011-06-15) Fine disparity could undo red-light cameras, lawyer says
(2011-06-14) After judge's ruling in St. Louis, Springfield decides to delay use of red-light cameras
(2011-06-14) Petition to ban red light cameras in Murrieta gaining speed
(2011-06-14) Broward ACLU asks communities to reconsider red light cameras
(2011-06-14) Canada: Anti-Photo Enforcement Effort Heats Up: Group battles red light cameras and speed cameras with full-page newspaper advertisement.
(2011-06-13) Red light cameras in Urbandale? Not likely, leaders say
(2011-06-13) Union City mayor bemoans traffic cameras
(2011-06-13) Napa suspends enforcement of red-light cameras
(2011-06-13) City of Springfield: Hiring 12 Positions, Suspending Red Light Cameras
(2011-06-12)  Red-light camera scam: Numbers don’t back up photo-radar safety argument
(2011-06-12) Editorial: Penalty system for redlight runners unconstitutional
(2011-06-08) Daily News Editorial: Police Commission's right; it's time to put brakes on L.A.'s red-light cameras
(2011-06-08) Rejecting red-light cameras in L.A.
(2011-06-08) Broward ruling could soon impact Collier County red light citations
(2011-06-08) A pursuit of cash, not safety
(2011-06-08) Activist wants referendum on red-light cameras
(2011-06-08) State bill would change right on red
(2011-06-07) L.A. traffic cameras may get the red light
(2011-06-07) L.A. panel kills red-light traffic camera program
(2011-06-07) St. Petersburg mulling locations for red light cameras
(2011-06-07) Police Commission Votes Against Red Light Cameras
(2011-06-07) American Traffic Solutions Sues Former Top Executive
(2011-06-06) Red Light Cameras Hearing On Tuesday
(2011-06-06) Judge rules against officer-issued red-light citations when cameras in place
(2011-06-06) Campaign to Shut Down Red Light Cameras
(2011-06-04) Video: Red Light Cameras Covered Up By Anarchists in New Orleans
(2011-06-04) Police Officer Written Red-Light Tickets Ruled Unconstitutional
(2011-06-03) Napa Police delay presentation to council on red-light cameras
(2011-06-03) South Florida judge: Cops can no longer ticket people for running red lights
(2011-06-03) Did a Broward County Judge Just Decriminalize Red-Light Running?
(2011-06-03) Fla. Cop-Written Red-Light Tickets Ruled Unconstitutional
(2011-06-03) Red-light camera issues show no signs of stopping
(2011-06-02) An End to Red Light Cameras in Saint Louis?
(2011-06-02) Red Light Cameras Promote Unsafe Driving
(2011-06-01) Will St. Peters' Red-Light Camera System Go Dark? Would You Care?
(2011-06-01) Judge rules Napa red-light cameras are illegal
(2011-06-01) Effort to put red-light cameras to vote in Monroe is scrambling for signatures
(2011-05-30) Fighting red-light ticket wins 1 in 5 times in city
(2011-05-30) Washington: City Sued for Blocking Anti-Camera Referendum
(2011-05-29) St. Pete Beach decides against red light cameras
(2011-05-29) Eyman: Longview's lawmakers are lawbreakers
(2011-05-29) Lakeland's Red Light Cameras' Revenue Drying Up
(2011-05-29) OUR OPINION: City's use of cameras needs in-depth study
(2011-05-28) City still hasn't released photo-radar report: NDP gov't refuses to do anything about it
(2011-05-28) Missouri DOT Misleads Public via its Red Light Camera Study
(2011-05-28) Haslam can draw on personal experience as enforcer, violator in signing traffic camera bill
(2011-05-28) Bellingham traffic camera contract opens door to lawsuit against repeal intiative
(2011-05-27) Cameras violate citizens' rights
(2011-05-27) A call for reason in traffic camera debate
(2011-05-27) Former City Manager Says Mayor Joy Cooper's Red-Light-Camera Argument Skews the Facts
(2011-05-26) EDITORIAL: Green-light red-light camera bill
(2011-05-26) Former City Manager R.J. Intindola on red light cameras
(2011-05-26) Legislation Calls For Traffic Study On Red Light Cameras
(2011-05-25) 'W Howard' a man of many screen names, Jedi master?
(2011-05-25) TxDOT sunset bill includes provision that targets red-light cameras
(2011-05-25) Longview 'advisory' vote on red light cams
(2011-05-25) St. Pete Beach hits the brakes on red light cameras
(2011-05-25) Longview voters won't decide on red light cameras
(2011-05-24) Washington Supreme Court Ponders Red Light Camera Initiatives
(2011-05-24) Red-light camera opposition heats up ahead of special council meeting
(2011-05-24) Red light cams halted in St. Pete Beach
(2011-05-24) American Traffic Solutions suspends exec for posting pro-camera comments under fake identity
(2011-05-24) Wash. court asked to rule on red-light camera vote
(2011-05-24) Camera evidence not enough to issue some tickets
(2011-05-24) No contract means no red light cameras in Albuquerque
(2011-05-24) Editorial: County is right to reject red-light cameras
(2011-05-24) Simitian’s New Bill Affords New Rights to Drivers Caught By Red Light Cameras
(2011-05-24) Initiative effort aimed at red-light cameras
(2011-05-24) "Red Light Camera" Exec Suspended for Trolling Internet Sites
(2011-05-23) St. Louis judge halts red-light cameras in the city
(2011-05-23) New mayor opposes red-light cams
(2011-05-23) Red-light cameras to go dark at midnight
(2011-05-23) Red-light cameras a step closer to landing on Longview ballot
(2011-05-23) Uniform Standards Enacted For Red-Light Cams: All Communities Must Use Same Rules Now
(2011-05-23) Red light cameras: Company under fire for web posts | 137 local infractions dismissed due to error
(2011-05-23) City pulling plug on red light cameras: Voters may get chance to decide on program
(2011-05-23) Longview Camera Petition Submitted

(2011-05-21) Red Light Camera Might Be Coming Down

(2011-05-21) Red light cameras not the safest answer

(2011-05-21) Lawyer takes red light cameras to court, again and again

(2011-05-20) Red-light camera firm puts exec on leave for Web postings

(2011-05-20) Email Suggests City Knew Of Police Detail Issues: Serpas Wrote City Officials About Traffic Camera Details
(2011-05-19) Cameras for revenue or safety? Photo red light critics look to Calif. in making municipalities prove safety need
(2011-05-19) States pursue limits, end to ticket cameras

(2011-05-19) Proposed Law Would Require Red Light Cameras Prove Safety Need Over Money

(2011-05-19) Seattle's Red-Light Camera Provider Suspends Exec Who Used Pen Name to Troll The Herald

(2011-05-19) Mayor told to remove speculative red-light revenue from budget

(2011-05-19) Cameras for revenue or safety? Photo red light critics look to Calif. in making municipalities prove safety need

(2011-05-18) EFFINGER: Traffic enforcement, whither thou goest?


(2011-05-18) How Red Light Cameras Undermine a Great GPD Philosophy

(2011-05-18) Driver Stops At Red Light, Gets Ticket

(2011-05-17) Meet reader 'W Howard,' undercover traffic cam exec

(2011-05-17) County panel puts stop to red-light camera talk

(2011-05-17) Red-light cameras are illegal, Orlando attorney argues before Orange judge

(2011-05-17) DuPage puts brakes on red-light cameras

(2011-05-17) Roadshow: Advancing bill could make it easier to challenge red-light camera tickets

(2011-05-17) Red Light Camera Backlash Shakes Up Elections in Texas Towns

(2011-05-17) Contract for red light runner cameras in Albuquerque is in limbo

(2011-05-17) Red-Light Camera Contract Unsigned

(2011-05-17) Our View: Council looks at expanding red-light cameras

(2011-05-17) Raynham voters turn down traffic camera proposal at Annual Town Meeting

(2011-05-16) Arnold Considers Renewal of Red-Light Camera Contract

(2011-05-16) Yonkers considers warning signs near red-light camera intersections

(2011-05-15) Policy, politics far behind traffic-camera technology

(2011-05-15) Traffic camera battle heats up: Two court cases about are about to begin, and voters may see a statewide initiative on the topic

(2011-05-15) RAYNHAM TOWN MEETING: Voters to weigh installation of traffic cameras

(2011-05-14) Red-light-camera laws enforced erratically when it comes to right turns

(2011-05-13) Data show auto accidents in Houston drop 13%

(2011-05-13) California Court Denies Public Trial for Camera Tickets

(2011-05-13) Vendor Cash Greased Way for Red-Light Cameras

(2011-05-12) Update: Red Light Camera Ticket Successfully Dismissed

(2011-05-12) How much money cities make on traffic enforcement

(2011-05-12) Dunnellon residents seeing red over cameras

(2011-05-11) Tallahassee Man Disputes Red Light Camera

(2011-05-11) Company's delay in posting red-light cameras irks city

(2011-05-11) City may tap ‘Photo Red’ money for general fund

(2011-05-11) Miami's red-light traffic cameras miss income targets big-time

(2011-05-11) Missouri: State Moves for Longer Yellow, Reduced Violations

(2011-05-10) RED-LIGHT CAMERA CONTROVERSY: Debate persists over effectiveness of surveillance program

(2011-05-10) Redflex shares lose one-third of value

(2011-05-10) Mt. Juliet puts brakes on red-light cameras

(2011-05-10) Rolling stops lead to thousands of red light camera citations

(2011-05-10) Accidents fall at Houston (former) red-light camera intersections

(2011-05-10) Let's be honest about motivation for traffic cameras

(2011-05-09) Councilor wants cameras put to a vote

(2011-05-09) Louisiana, New Orleans Should Put Red Light On Traffic Cameras

(2011-05-09) Should voters decide future of red light cameras?

(2011-05-09) Redflex Shareholders Reject Buyout Offer

(2011-05-09) Traffic-camera complaints not slowing down in county

(2011-05-09) Traffic-camera revenues declining

(2011-05-08) Official flips his position on red-light cameras

(2011-05-08) Redflex goes into trading halt for meeting

(2011-05-08) Seeing red in Buffalo: While mayor's budget is 'go' for red-light cameras, others want to bring the revived proposal to a screeching halt

(2011-05-07) Despite Arizona lawmaker's curbs, cities not slowing down in photo enforcement

(2011-05-06) Red light camera flash blinds some drivers in Va. Beach

(2011-05-06) Hey Byron ... proceed with caution

(2011-05-06) Macquarie, Carlyle improve Redflex offer

(2011-05-05) Effort to restrict red light cameras picking up speed maybe

(2011-05-05) New Orleans RLC: Landrieu suspends Edwin Hosli of NOPD, Public Works Director Robert Mendoza without pay

(2011-05-05) Banning Red Light Cameras in Columbia

(2011-05-05) No traffic cameras without consultation - minister

(2011-05-04) Repealing Red Light Cameras

(2011-05-04) House tweaks bill to entice Senate on red light cameras

(2011-05-04) Missouri: County Government Erases Red Light Camera Ordinance

(2011-05-04) Red Light Camera Revenue has Increased 419 percent since 2008: New Orleans attorney says camera laws circumvent constitutional rights

(2011-05-04) Husband Cited for Wife Running Light in Green Cove Springs

(2011-05-04) Red light cameras, do the positives outweigh the negatives, and if I get one in the mail, can I get it dismissed?

(2011-05-03) Jefferson County bans red light cameras, seeks safety alternatives

(2011-05-03) Trouble with red-light camera details preceded Hosli's involvement

(2011-05-03) Vehicles With Unpaid Photo Enforcement Camera Citations May Be Seized

(2011-05-03) Did Blango Kill Red Light Camera Bill?

(2011-05-03) Controversial bill that would allow “red-light” cameras at intersections dies in Judiciary Committee

(2011-05-03) Florida House Votes to Ban Red Light Cameras: Florida House approves bill banning red light cameras and requiring slightly longer yellow times.

(2011-05-02) Nearly 2,000 city vehicles issued red light camera tickets

(2011-05-02) Lynnwood not smiling about traffic camera coverage

(2011-05-02) Red Light Ban Passes in Florida House, but May Falter in Senate

(2011-05-02) House narrowly passes bill banning red-light cameras from Florida roads

(2011-05-02) Red light repeal OK’d by House, barely

(2011-05-02) Should There Be a Red Light on Red-Light Cameras?

(2011-04-29) NOPD commander under scrutiny

(2011-04-29) House wants to kiss red-light cameras good-bye

(2011-04-28) Red light camera legal challenge is back in court

(2011-04-28) Morris Township spikes red light cameras

(2011-04-28) Proposal Would Ban Automated Traffic Cameras: Lawmaker: I-Team Findings Demonstrate Potential For Abuse

(2011-04-28) House to consider ending red light cameras in state

(2011-04-27) Do school buses and fuel trucks have enough time to stop safely at red lights?

(2011-04-27) With Speed Traps and Red-Light Cameras, Sometimes Public Perception Matters

(2011-04-26) Major Tucson intersections confusing and costly for some

(2011-04-25) Mt. Juliet Won't Renew Contract For Traffic Cameras

(2011-04-25) Jefferson County bans red-light cameras

(2011-04-25) Morris Township denied extension on red-light camera vote

(2011-04-25) Heavy Bribes, errrrr, I mean “lobbying” Keeps Red Light Cameras On Track

(2011-04-25) Red-Light Cameras Going Away in Mt. Juliet?

(2011-04-24) OPINION SHAPER: Cameras put drivers in DZ

(2011-04-24) Editorial: Red light cameras are not the benefit as touted when authorized by Florida Legislature, so scrap them

(2011-04-23) Traffic Camera Debate Revisited

(2011-04-22) Red-light, greenback light

(2011-04-22) I-Team: Cops Earn Extra For Traffic Cam Details: City Pays Business Run By Officer To Read Traffic Tickets

(2011-04-22) Cleveland May End Its Speed and Red Light Camera Contract

(2011-04-21) Florida House to reconsider red light camera law

(2011-04-21) Cleveland City Council members question motives behind traffic camera program

(2011-04-21) Red light, tough fight: More Sacramento drivers than ever are contesting tickets—many of them caught by red-light traffic cameras

(2011-04-21) Could red light cameras be banned in Florida?

(2011-04-20) Red light contract needs a closer look

(2011-04-20) Lawmakers hit gas on red light camera repeal

(2011-04-20) House committee cautious about red light repeal

(2011-04-20) Bill to repeal Florida's red-light cameras clears final House committee

(2011-04-20) Bill to repeal red-light cameras clears final House committee

(2011-04-20) Some defendants dismissed from red-light camera lawsuit

(2011-04-19) Two local lawmakers want to put brakes on red-light cameras

(2011-04-19) Eager to get red light cameras up, Foster takes alternate route

(2011-04-19) Debate whether to keep red light cameras

(2011-04-19) Editorial: Red-light camera raves are premature

(2011-04-19) Red light camera spokesman didn't like yesterday's post

(2011-04-19) Should voters have say in red light cameras?

(2011-04-19) Nationwide Red Light Camera Backlash Featured on The Today Show

(2011-04-19) 'It's Big Brother:' Committee Member Opposes Morris Township's Red-Light Camera Plans

(2011-04-18) Pembroke Pines Commissioner Shechter on national TV against red light cams

(2011-04-17) Florida Red Light Camera Protests April 2011

(2011-04-17) Red Light Cameras: The Latest Govt Rip-Off

(2011-04-17) Libertarians New Target: Red Light Cameras

(2011-04-17) Police: Woman Killed In Crash On Alameda Avenue [NOTE: intersection had red light cameras]

(2011-04-17) Study: Virginia Beach red-light cameras offer mixed results

(2011-04-17) Green light for 2nd traffic camera lawsuit

(2011-04-17) Chandler Motorist Fights Back Against Redflex in Star Valley

(2011-04-16) St. Pete Beach puts red light cameras on hold

(2011-04-15) Red-light cameras a challenge for the city

(2011-04-15) OUR VIEW: Legislature considering whether Birmingham should have the right to install traffic light cameras, but there are still more questions than answers

(2011-04-14) Red light cameras and steep fines loom on the St. Petersburg horizon

(2011-04-14) Pike, Robbins debate installing red-light cameras in Bellingham

(2011-04-14) EDITORIAL: Red-light cash grab accelerates: Fairfax, Va. starts robotic ticketing program that can’t reduce accidents

(2011-04-14) Red light Repeal

(2011-04-13) Red-light protesters hold rush-hour rallies across Brevard

(2011-04-13) Bill would kill redlight cameras

(2011-04-13) Red-light camera hearing moves to May

(2011-04-13) The red light cameras come to end

(2011-04-13) California: Accidents Increase at Photo Enforced Intersections

(2011-04-13) Protesters say 'no' to red-light cameras

(2011-04-13) Red-light protesters hold rush-hour rallies across Brevard

(2011-04-13) Red-light cameras in doubt: Bill would affect last four N.C. cities that use them

(2011-04-12) Activists Protest Red Light Cameras

(2011-04-12) Florida lawmakers pursue reversal on red-light camera use

(2011-04-12) Red light camera protestors: "Ban the cam!"

(2011-04-12) Protesters in Naples condemn red-light cameras

(2011-04-12) Motorist Says Amber Lights Are Too Short

(2011-04-12) Local group joins statewide protest of red-light cameras

(2011-04-12) Protesters rally against red-light cameras

(2011-04-12) Approval likely for bill banning red-light cameras

(2011-04-12) TONIGHT: Red light camera protest in Tampa

(2011-04-12) Red-light camera opponents plan protests today

(2011-04-12) Editorial: Red-light cameras ... Protesters, please get it right

(2011-04-12) What 'Breaker, Breaker' Says About Bill Banning Red Light Cameras

(2011-04-12) Activists protesting red light cameras in Orlando

(2011-04-11) Monday on Jones Street: Charter Schools in, red light cameras out, big budget news this week

(2011-04-11) Protest of red-light cameras set for Orlando on Tuesday

(2011-04-11) Red Light Repeal Revs Up

(2011-04-11) Councilman Dennis Zine raises concerns over red light cameras

(2011-04-11) Carolinas move to forbid ticket cameras

(2011-04-11) Florida Libertarians plan statewide protest Tuesday over red light cameras

(2011-04-11) Activists plan to protest red light cameras at rallies held throughout state on Tuesday

(2011-04-11) California: Second Shot at Red Light Camera Tweak

(2011-04-11) A Tough and Controversial Decision on Red Light Cameras Awaits Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday

(2011-04-10) Anti-Red Light Camera Movement Spreads

(2011-04-10) Naples joins statewide protests against red-light cameras

(2011-04-10) N.J. wants to double the number of towns with red-light cameras by 2013

(2011-04-09) Bill To Ban Red Light Cameras To Be Heard

(2011-04-08) Red-Light Camera Employee Flub Adds Fuel To Growing Fire

(2011-04-08) Red-light cameras in doubt

(2011-04-08) Ban on Red Light Monitors Sought

(2011-04-08) Bill Would Send All Red-Light Camera Money to Austin

(2011-04-08) Red Light Fines to Be Attached to Vehicle Registration

(2011-04-08) Bellingham Mayor Pike, Dan Robbins to debate red-light cameras

(2011-04-08) Daily News Editorial: City should examine alternatives to red-light cameras

(2011-04-08) Bills would ban red-light cameras

(2011-04-08) Red light cameras, pro and con

(2011-04-07) Right-on-Red Tickets End in Haines CIty

(2011-04-07) New legal challenge to red light cameras

(2011-04-07) Lawmakers could hit the breaks on anti-red light camera bills

(2011-04-06) Memphis Lawmaker Wants to Ban Red Light Cams

(2011-04-06) Senate bill would outlaw red light cameras in North Carolina

(2011-04-06) No red light runner cameras in Bullhead City

(2011-04-06) Mukilteo does u-turn on red light cameras

(2011-04-06) City pulls plug on red light cameras

(2011-04-06) Tampa, Florida: City Considers Cameras as Ticket Quota Alternative

(2011-04-06) Red-light cameras fail on privacy, effectiveness

(2011-04-05) Mukilteo repeals traffic camera ordinance

(2011-04-05) Fort Lauderdale accident data cast cloud over reliance on red-light cameras

(2011-04-05) Commission considers whether to keep red-light cameras

(2011-04-05) Is increase in CHP citations about safety or revenue?

(2011-04-04) Smile for the Red Light Camera!: Funding for enforcement devices is on and off in some states.

(2011-04-04) Man takes battle against red-light ticket to Kitsap Superior Court

(2011-04-04) Red Light. Green Light.

(2011-04-04) Stopping LA’s Red-Light Camera Rip Off, One Intersection At A Time

(2011-04-04) A no-no: Using red light cameras to raise money

(2011-04-04) City Council to Vote on Extending Red Light Camera Contract Worth $2.4 Million

(2011-04-04) Red-Light Camera Bill Up For Discussion: Bill Would Control Placement Of Cameras

(2011-04-04) Chicago Camera Front Group Thwarts Texas Referendum

(2011-04-03) Were Signs Of Safety Putting Winnipeg’s Photo Enforcement Out Of Business?

(2011-04-02) NN workers duck red-light penalty

(2011-04-01) Photo Enforcement Warning Signs Deliberately Removed by City of Winnipeg

(2011-04-01) EXCLUSIVE: Losses mount for Escondido's red-light camera program

(2011-04-01) Report recommends nixing red-light cameras

(2011-04-01) Let the police do their job: Sun Messenger editorial

(2011-04-01) Caught on red light camera: Newport News city employees are exempt from paying fines

(2011-04-01) Petition Circulating to Ban Red Light Cameras in Murrieta

(2011-03-31) Bill Repealing Red Light Cameras in Fla. Passes First Stop

(2011-03-31) Proposal Gives Guidelines For Red-Light Cams: Bill Advances In Senate

(2011-03-31) Red light camera repeal advances

(2011-03-31) Stop lights: Baldwin’s Jack McCloy takes aim at red light cameras

(2011-03-30) CLIVE CAMERAS: A bill in the state house could force Clive to take down its red light cameras

(2011-03-30) Proposed bill repeals red light camera law

(2011-03-30) UPDATE: Legislation would eliminate traffic light camera tickets for going right on red

(2011-03-30) Red Light Cameras at Risk in Florida

(2011-03-30) Libertarians move forward on legislation to ban red light cameras

(2011-03-30) Texas: Gulf Coast Red Light Camera Controversy Mounts

(2011-03-29) One year after approving them, Fla. legislators rethink red-light cameras

(2011-03-29) Bill to repeal Florida's red-light cameras squeaks by in first Senate panel

(2011-03-29) Wednesday's Buzz: Should Florida outlaw red-light cameras?

(2011-03-29) Mukilteo stalls law on traffic cameras

(2011-03-28) Brent Batten: Red light cameras keep company in the black

(2011-03-28) Red-Light Camera Use Divides Candidates

(2011-03-27) Grand jury proves its worth with findings about red-light camera

(2011-03-26) Red-light cameras have serious flaws, grand jury reveals

(2011-03-26) Eyman Helps Kick Off Redmond Petition Drive for Traffic Camera Vote

(2011-03-26) Redmond's first-ever city initiative targets red light cams

(2011-03-26) Push for test of red-light cameras dies again

(2011-03-26) Interest in red-light camera bills fades amid high-profile issues

(2011-03-25) Licenses Suspended Over Unpaid Red Light Tickets

(2011-03-25) Privacy isn't the problem: There are better arguments for bill that would repeal traffic cameras

(2011-03-25) Sammamish Motorists: Some Want to Yank Redmond's New Red-Light Traffic Cameras

(2011-03-25) Redmond man leads effort to ban traffic enforcement cameras: Harlan teams up with Tim Eyman to gather signatures for initiative

(2011-03-25) Seeing Red Over Red Light Cameras

(2011-03-25) Red-light camera contract stalls

(2011-03-25) Study Shows California Stops Not Dangerous: Rolling right turns account for eight-hundredths of a percent of all accidents in Los Angeles, California

(2011-03-24) Tampa City Council deadlocks on red light cameras – issue will come back before new City Council in 2 weeks

(2011-03-24) Red Light Cameras: Taxpayers Pay for CTA Bus Drivers' Tickets

(2011-03-24) Caught in the act: Photo enforced intersections proven ineffective, unnecessary

(2011-03-24) Diana Kuyper: On the lookout for red-light cameras

(2011-03-24) Tie vote on red light cameras sends issue to Tampa's newly elected City Council

(2011-03-24) Traffic Surveillance Cameras Debated at Maine Legislative Hearing

(2011-03-24) Officials Looking to State for Help With Red Light Cameras

(2011-03-24) Red Light Camera Company Uses Fake PSAs to Scare the Public

(2011-03-24) Red-light cameras will be issue for new Tampa council

(2011-03-24) California: Longer Yellow Time Slashes Red Light Tickets

(2011-03-24) Iowa to tackle red light cameras

(2011-03-23) Former Federal Agent Exposes American Traffic Solutions and City of Scottsdale Fraud

(2011-03-23) City waits on passing red-light camera law

(2011-03-23) U.S. Senators Demand that Drivers Quit Using iPhone Apps to Avoid Red-Light Cameras and DUI Checkpoints

(2011-03-23) Local red-light camera expansion in Manatee County in limbo

(2011-03-23) Cameras or police patrols?: Unattended monitoring can't match impact of traffic stops

(2011-03-22) Albuquerque loses money on red light cameras

(2011-03-22) Gurnee mayor, candidates spar over red light cameras

(2011-03-22) Red Light Camera Tickets Strike the Show-Me Institute

(2011-03-22) Photo Enforcement Companies Accuse One Another of Deception

(2011-03-22) The Next Step for Red Light Scameras

(2011-03-22) Mayor Sam Katz Gets Red Light On Traffic Ticket

(2011-03-21) Hay: Arnold's Red-Light Cameras Violate State Law

(2011-03-21) Arizona Republic Loses Respect of Readers for Pushing Agenda of Redflex and ATS

(2011-03-21) NOT A RED LIGHT CAM: FDOT cameras regulate traffic flow

(2011-03-21) NCSR – Missourians are smarter than this!

(2011-03-20) Longer yellow light could put brakes on Fremont's profits

(2011-03-20) Remove intrusive red light cameras

(2011-03-19) Proposed bill tightens restrictions on ‘right on red’ traffic camera citations

(2011-03-19) Dunnellon drivers say tickets must stop

(2011-03-19) Palm Bay and Cocoa Beach red-light cameras called into question

(2011-03-18) Red Light Money Grab

(2011-03-18) CTA Paid $340,000 In Red Light Camera Tickets

(2011-03-18) Murrieta could again go it alone on red light cameras in the region

(2011-03-18) Lawmakers against red light cameras working to repeal law

(2011-03-18) House committee forwards bill that would ban red-light cameras

(2011-03-18) Reagan upset with Holder, Roberson votes

(2011-03-18) Push to kill red-light cameras draws praise from Sharief

(2011-03-18) Sirius XM Red Light Camera Warnings?

(2011-03-18) Haines City's Red-Light Cameras Draw Protests: One person in the standing-room only crowd urged a boycott of the city.

(2011-03-18) Missouri Groups Fight Back Against Traffic Camera Astroturf Campaign

(2011-03-18) Longview To Dismiss 303 Traffic Citations: Officials Blame Camera Contractor For Typo

(2011-03-18) Florida House committee votes to ban red light cameras

(2011-03-17) Fla. House takes first step to disallow use of red-light cameras

(2011-03-17) Tallahassee gets it--House committee votes to pull the plug on red light cameras

(2011-03-17) House committee moves to outlaw red-light cameras

(2011-03-17) Red Light Camera Stats Show No Impact on Accidents

(2011-03-17) Do Red Light Cameras Make Green (Money) Or Red (Blood)?: Increasing opposition claims they cause more accidents.

(2011-03-16) The Missouri Red-Light Camera Scam, Part 3

(2011-03-16) Clearwater revisits red-light cameras

(2011-03-16) Clearwater City Council to Vote on Next Step in Getting Red Light Cameras

(2011-03-16) Legislation would eliminate traffic light camera tickets for going right on red

(2011-03-16) Forum on traffic-light cameras in Arnold draws supporters, opponents

(2011-03-16) Ads for red-light cameras have familiar backers

(2011-03-16) Red-light cameras still a bad idea

(2011-03-15) Clearwater reconsiders installing red-light cameras

(2011-03-15) Glitch forces Longview to dismiss hundreds of traffic-camera tickets

(2011-03-15) The Missouri Red-Light Camera Scam, Part 2

(2011-03-14) Challenge to red light cams refers to 6th Amendment

(2011-03-14) The Missouri Red-light Camera Scam, Part 1

(2011-03-14) Group Wants to Ban Red Light Cameras

(2011-03-13) MURRIETA: Effort to ban red-light cameras hits snag, SIGNATURE GATHERING CAN GET STARTED AFTER RESUBMISSION

(2011-03-11) Port Lavaca City Council votes against putting the red-light cameras to a vote in May

(2011-03-11) ATS Removes Red-Light Cameras Under Cover of Darkness

(2011-03-10) Texas City Ignores Anti-Camera Voter Petition

(2011-03-10) Resident Wants Red-Light Camera Money Used For Safety Programs

(2011-03-10) Red-light cameras debated in Monroe

(2011-03-09) Humble’s red-light camera program statute compliance comes into question

(2011-03-09) Signature drive for Bellingham anti-traffic cam initiative kicks off

(2011-03-09) Alderman wants motorists to get warning time at red-light camera intersections

(2011-03-08) Getting Ugly. The Fight Over Red Light Cameras in Missouri

(2011-03-08) For money or for safety? Ticket writing up in Central Jersey

(2011-03-08) New Jersey Town Caught with Short Yellow Times

(2011-03-08) Broward's Stacy Ritter covers red light cameras and light synchronization in new videos

(2011-03-08) Traffic tickets increase as N.J. towns look for revenue

(2011-03-08) Monroe public hearing focuses on red-light cameras

(2011-03-07) San Bernardino's red-light cameras cheaper to stop now: Council OK's plan to end contracts

(2011-03-07) States address ticket camera rules

(2011-03-07) Mo. House committee hears bill to ban red light cameras

(2011-03-06) Towns make up revenue loss with more tickets

(2011-03-06) No hurry needed on traffic cameras

(2011-03-04) Angry Crowd Chastises Haines City Commissioners Over Red-Light Camera Tickets: Officials agree to look at modifying right-on-red violations.

(2011-03-04) Ex-cop in Senate wants to outlaw red light cameras

(2011-03-04) I-Team: Feds Looking Into JP Red Light Cameras, Council Members Subpoenaed To Testify

(2011-03-04) Toll Road operator nears deal for red light camera company

(2011-03-04) Red-light cameras go to court

(2011-03-04) Delay in light changes might be an alternative to red-light cameras

(2011-03-04) Retired cop files bill to ban red-light cameras

(2011-03-03) Brooksville's talk of red-light cameras about cash, not safety

(2011-03-03) Victorville's red light cameras debated on 'The Today Show'

(2011-03-03) Missouri State Senator Fights To Ban Red Light Cameras For Reasons That Are Not Ironic At All

(2011-03-03) Legally Speaking: Dead Men Tell No Tales -- Except in Court

(2011-03-03) Bill Would Ban Red-Light Cameras

(2011-03-03) New Jersey: Longer Yellow Eliminates Red Light Running

(2011-03-02) City puts stop to red-light cameras

(2011-03-02) VV fights 'iron-clad' red light camera contract

(2011-03-02) Red Light Cameras: About Saving Lives or Increasing Revenue?

(2011-03-02) Broward County Commissioners Defer Decision on Red Light Cameras

(2011-03-01) Red Light Camera Expansion Hits Roadblock

(2011-03-01) Red light camera expansion on hold

(2011-03-01) County panel downshifts on red light cameras

(2011-03-01) Lembke not OK with red light cam opinion

(2011-02-28) Red-light cameras dangled money

(2011-02-28) Red light camera supporters miss the point

(2011-02-28) New Bill Could Bring Down Cost of Red Light Camera Tickets

(2011-02-28) Council Members Debate Lowering Red Light Fines

(2011-02-28) Broward's Rodstrom offers counterproposal to red light cameras

(2011-02-28) Missouri Senator Trying to Ban Red-Light Cameras Unconcerned About His Own Ticket

(2011-02-28) Man Seeks Second Look at Red Light Ticket: Downers Grove man claims his evidence wasn't considered at hearing.

(2011-02-28) Northern California Attorney Plans to Argue Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional

(2011-02-28) Missouri Attorney General Takes Traffic Camera Donations, Supports Cameras

(2011-02-28) AAA: Red light cameras need proper enforcement Commentary Rick Remington

(2011-02-27) No red light camera controversy

(2011-02-27) Red light camera protests across the state

(2011-02-26) Red-light cameras debated in Missouri

(2011-02-26) Protesters See Red For Red Light Runner Cams

(2011-02-26) Residents protest red light cameras

(2011-02-26) Groups to hold red light camera protests across the state today

(2011-02-26) Gurnee Village Board: Slate runs on red lights

(2011-02-25) Red-light camera embarrassment doesn't stop: West Palm, private company ramp up legal team

(2011-02-25) Senator sponsoring red-light camera bill fights fine

(2011-02-25) Report Critiques Red Light Camera Research Methods

(2011-02-24) Groups Backing Senator Rene Garcia To Hold A Statewide Red Light Camera Day Of Protest

(2011-02-24) Williamson explains issue about Oak Ridge traffic camera signs

(2011-02-24) Red-light camera bill stopped in committee

(2011-02-24) Red Light Camera Day-of-Protest Planned

(2011-02-24) Legality of cameras debated: Red-light policy likened to Mafia

(2011-02-24) Ticket Camera Photos Not Holding Up In California Courts

(2011-02-23) Council sparks late night debate on red light cameras

(2011-02-23) VIEWPOINTS: Studies say red-light cameras don't save lives, but cause deaths

(2011-02-23) Lawmakers, Motorists Debate Red Light Cameras

(2011-02-23) Pompano Beach puts a stop to red light camera efforts

(2011-02-23) Florida Officials Question Cost of Red Light Cameras

(2011-02-23) Kansas House Approves Bill Allowing Motorcycles to Run Red Lights

(2011-02-23) Stoplight Cameras In The Red: Some Question Worth Of Red-Light Program

(2011-02-23) Oak Ridge red-light cameras:New report, controversy

(2011-02-23) Red light camera hearing Wednesday

(2011-02-23) West Palm steps up fight against red-light camera ticket challengers

(2011-02-23) Red-light cameras' future in Missouri dims

(2011-02-23) Senate Committee Could Ban Red Light Cameras

(2011-02-23) Northern California Traffic and DUI Lawyer Matthew Becker Seeks Plaintiffs to Challenge Red Light Tickets

(2011-02-22) Sunrise moving forward with red-light cameras despite challenges

(2011-02-22) Florida Libertarians join statewide protest against red light cameras

(2011-02-22) Former Redflex Lobbyist Speaks Out Against Scam Tickets

(2011-02-22) Red light cameras controversy

(2011-02-22) Legal fees lead some to rethink red-light cameras

(2011-02-21) EDITORIAL: Science for hire: Cherry-picked numbers fail to prove red-light-camera benefit

(2011-02-21) Signs opposing Oak Ridge red light cameras confiscated

(2011-02-21) Red Light Camera Ban Considered In Missouri Senate

(2011-02-21) Florida counties see no green from red light cameras

(2011-02-21) Millions Owed To City For Unpaid Red-Light Tickets

(2011-02-21) County court system also faces red-light problems

(2011-02-21) Red Light Cameras Lose Their Luster: Tickets becoming too costly for South Florida cities to enforce

(2011-02-21) S. Fla. officials say red light cameras too costly

(2011-02-21) Camera vendor Redflex purchased by Investment bank Macquarie Group and the Carlyle Group

(2011-02-20) Debate continues over use of red-light cameras to curb crashes

(2011-02-20) Bills seek to prohibit traffic cameras: Lawmakers cite objections to the system

(2011-02-19) Red light cameras plagued by problems across South Florida

(2011-02-19) AZ Firefighter: Red Light Camera Program a Sham

(2011-02-18) Assemblyman looking to ban red light cameras in Riverside County

(2011-02-18) Pines losing money on red-light cameras

(2011-02-17) Bill Would Ban All Photo Radar In Arizona

(2011-02-17) Bill to ban photo-enforcement cameras making its way through committee

(2011-02-17) City: Red-light settlement set at $108,000

(2011-02-16) Grant-Wilton crashes soar since cam arrived

(2011-02-16) Speed camera backlog leads to hiked fines

(2011-02-16) Pembroke Pines losing money on red-light cameras

(2011-02-16) Bill Proposed To Ban All Photo Traffic Cameras In Arizona

(2011-02-16) Red light cameras prove no financial boon for Fort Lauderdale

(2011-02-16) How do red-camera traffic lights work with right-hand turns on red?

(2011-02-16) Texas: ATS Sues City For Insufficient Red Light Camera Ticketing

(2011-02-15) Pembroke Pines is reviewing red-light cameras on Wednesday

(2011-02-15) Public vents traffic camera frustrations

(2011-02-15) Red light cameras: dehumanizing and expensive

(2011-02-14) Protesters Target KCMO Red Light Cameras

(2011-02-14) I-Team: Red-light cameras

(2011-02-14) Red-Light Cam Pictures Often Unclear

(2011-02-14) Missouri Group Protests Red Light Cameras

(2011-02-14) Del Valle Challenges City's Red Light Cameras

(2011-02-14) Bill to be filed repealing red-light camera law: For Cuban-American senator, red-light cameras are an affront to freedom

(2011-02-12) Delay, delay, delay: It's been five years and city still hasn't released photo radar data

(2011-02-12) Wenatchee will fight red-light camera petition in court

(2011-02-11) Fremont resident claims longer yellow lights will reduce violations

(2011-02-11) Watchdog Group Questions Albemarle Red Light Cameras

(2011-02-11) South Dakota House Votes to Ban Photo Enforcement

(2011-02-10) I-Team: Dead Officer Signed Red Light Citations

(2011-02-10) Anonymous website brings red-light camera debate to pathetic new low

(2011-02-10) ATS = Astro Turf Support; American Traffic Solutions desperate for friends

(2011-02-10) Lawmakers Consider Banning Speed, Red Light Cams

(2011-02-10) Red light camera suit reassigned to fourth judge in Orleans Parish

(2011-02-10) Amber light at crash corner too short: activist. Timing cited for high accident rate

(2011-02-09) Red-light camera ticket thrown out, Appeals court decision could help city get out of Redflex contract

(2011-02-09) Red light camera foes in driver's seat

(2011-02-09) Red light camera company ends contract with Jefferson Co.

(2011-02-09) Anonymous Website Aims to Confuse Those Opposed to Red-Light Cameras

(2011-02-09) Citizen trying to put the brakes on red-light cameras

(2011-02-08) A Green Light for Corruption

(2011-02-08) Someone Else Driving? You Could End Up With Ticket

(2011-02-08) Hialeah Senator Introduces Bill to Ban Red Light Cameras in Florida

(2011-02-08) House panel supports ban on red light traffic cameras

(2011-02-07) Red Light Camera Tickets Not Sticking: Review Of Recent Cases Shows Most Are Being Dismissed

(2011-02-07) Red-Light Camera Citations During Storm to be Reviewed

(2011-02-07) Shorter Yellow Lights At Red Light Camera Intersections?

(2011-02-07) Snow-covered turn lanes hide ticket risk

(2011-02-07) More Fights Over Red Light Cameras

(2011-02-06) Sunday Forum: Despite new findings, most wary of traffic cameras

(2011-02-03) Red Light Camera Ticketed Wrong Driver

(2011-02-03) Senator hopes to ban red light cameras

(2011-02-03) Satellite Beach rejects use of traffic-light cameras

(2011-02-02) Bill by Rep. Jeff Morris would repeal traffic cameras

(2011-02-02) Newark traffic-light cameras make some see red

(2011-02-01) Chandler Refuses to Stand Behind Bogus Study

(2011-02-01) Do you hate Chicago's red light cameras? You're not alone

(2011-02-01) Attorney eyes class-action suit to refund fines

(2011-02-01) THE EYMAN FILE:On Monroe’s robo-ticket cameras, government that’s not listening, Arizona players and how you get your municipal fine turned into a consumer debt

(2011-01-31) Camera days numbered

(2011-01-31) Red Light Repeal

(2011-01-31) Murietta may give red-light-camera fines to charity in bid to win over critics

(2011-01-31) Red-light camera ban proposed in Va.

(2011-01-30) RED LIGHTS: Des Moines Rep. wants cities to prove cameras are needed

(2011-01-29) Bill would limit red-light cameras in Virginia

(2011-01-29) CT Debates Red Light Cameras at Intersections

(2011-01-28) Longview teen starts red light camera petition

(2011-01-28) Bill proposes to put the brakes on red light cameras

(2011-01-28) Red-light camera ban returns as bill

(2011-01-27) Red Light Camera Ballot Challenges Spread

(2011-01-27) Illegal right turns on red generate bulk of revenue

(2011-01-27) Lawmaker wants to regulate yellow-light times

(2011-01-27) Effort to halt spread of red-light cameras in Va. gains traction

(2011-01-26) Lawyer calls red light cameras "unconstitutional"

(2011-01-26) Judge orders Kenneth City to turn over information on red light camera violations

(2011-01-26) Haynes moves to legalize ‘rolling stops’

(2011-01-26) Lawmakers want to regulate against yellow light traffic cam squeeze

(2011-01-26) Eyman Targets Monroe Red Light Cameras

(2011-01-25) Traffic camera opponents to seek Bellingham voter initiative

(2011-01-25) Tim Eyman initiative would target red-light cameras

(2011-01-25) Small cities take cautious approach to traffic cameras

(2011-01-24) Masked men protest Marysville red-light cameras

(2011-01-24) Red light cameras going up, being challenged

(2011-01-24) Smile for your ticket

(2011-01-23) Red light cameras hit dead end

(2011-01-23) ET legislators look to curb camera fines

(2011-01-22) California courts throwing out red light camera tickets

(2011-01-21) Clash hits courtroom: Six file complaint against city, mayor and Redflex

(2011-01-21) Accidents up at one red light camera intersection

(2011-01-21) One year later, red light cameras in Hillsborough County get mixed results

(2011-01-21) Red light legislation would drastically change camera law

(2011-01-19) City Lengthens Yellow Light Time For Safety: 20 Targeted Intersections See Yellow Longer

(2011-01-19) Roanoke won't get red light cameras: City Manager Chris Morrill said they "really don't make sense for Roanoke."

(2011-01-18) It's a good day for those caught by red light cameras: tickets dismissed

(2011-01-18) Longer yellow lights set for 18 ABQ intersections

(2011-01-18) Iowa lawmaker raises concerns over traffic cameras

(2011-01-16) Red light campaign foiled by own photos

(2011-01-16) Lawsuit: Signal, speed limit caused fatal

(2011-01-15) Bids on red-light cameras rejected

(2011-01-14) CAPE eyes other group: Activists against red-light cameras in Cincinnati take fight to Toledo

(2011-01-14) Port Lavaca's use of red-light cameras could go to a vote

(2011-01-14) MoDot's 45% Change - Statistically Insignificant

(2011-01-14) Red-light camera revenue less than expected

(2011-01-13) Red-light cameras fail to generate expected revenue

(2011-01-12) Rome’s red-light cameras shut down

(2011-01-11) Local woman fights red light ticket and wins

(2011-01-11) Lakeland needs more green from red light cameras

(2011-01-10) California Appellate Courts Continue to Toss Red Light Camera Tickets

(2011-01-08) MoDOT Looking Into Removing Red Light Cameras

(2011-01-07) 4 Red-Light Cameras Not Covering Expenses, May Be Moved

(2011-01-07) S.I. Lawmakers Question Use Of Red Light Cameras

(2011-01-07) Haines City red-light cameras not stopping lawbreakers

(2011-01-06) Capistrano Considering Pulling the Plug on Red-Light Traffic Cameras

(2011-01-06) Red light fight? Competing bills would standardize cameras

(2011-01-06) Accidents Increase After Red-Light Cameras Installed: Residents Suggest Cameras 'Enhance' Revenue More Than Safety

(2011-01-06) Man plans petition to rid city of speed cams (and red light cameras)

(2011-01-05) Local Man Wrongly Receives Five Red Light Camera Citations

(2011-01-04) Aurora Red Light Camera Program: Safety or Revenue?

(2011-01-04) Red-light cameras in Washington, Mo., to be dropped.

(2011-01-04) Red light cameras: For revenue or safety?

(2011-01-04) Atascocita man on quest to ban red-light cameras

(2011-01-04) UNPLUGGED! Washington Red Light Cameras

(2011-01-04) Newspaper Demands Private-Public Records

(2011-01-04) Lawmakers Want Red Light Cameras Shut Off

(2011-01-04) New Jersey: Camera Town Caught with Short Yellow Times

(2011-01-03) Mo. Lawmakers May Target Red Light Cameras: Bills Would Ban Controversial Cameras In Missouri