SP Times Articles

(2011-09-07) Red-light cameras going up in St. Petersburg
(2011-06-23) St. Petersburg identifies intersections for red light cameras
(2011-06-19) Everything you need to know about Tampa Bay's red-light cameras
(2011-06-07) St. Petersburg mulling locations for red light cameras
(2011-06-03) South Florida judge: Cops can no longer ticket people for running red lights
(2011-05-25) St. Pete Beach hits the brakes on red light cameras

(2011-04-21) St. Petersburg Council approves contract for red light cameras

(2011-04-16) St. Pete Beach puts red light cameras on hold

(2011-04-14) Red light cameras and steep fines loom on the St. Petersburg horizon

(2011-04-07) Tampa City Council approves red light cameras

(2011-02-23) Brooksville gives traffic cameras, fire fees a second look to fill budget gaps

(2011-02-16) St. Pete Beach officials back red light cameras

(2011-01-28) Seeing no need for greater transparency, St. Petersburg rejects lobbying rules

(2011-01-26) Judge orders Kenneth City to turn over information on red light camera violations

(2011-01-21) One year later, red light cameras in Hillsborough County get mixed results

(2011-01-16) Bill Foster's first year as St. Petersburg mayor filled with tweaks

(2011-01-15) St. Petersburg advances red-light camera plans

(2010-12-28) Strong support for red light cameras in Hillsborough, Pinellas

(2010-12-11) St. Petersburg man takes on City Hall and red light cameras
(2010-10-08) Despite questions over red light cameras, St. Petersburg moves forward

(2010-10-06) Safety, not money, should be priority for red light cameras

(2010-10-01) Red light cameras could be in St. Petersburg by summer
(2010-08-20) New Port Richey shouldn't add red-light cameras
(2010-08-19) New Port Richey Council pushes for red-light cameras; mayor calls it 'junk science'
(2010-08-13) Red light cameras could nab 150 motorists per day when St. Petersburg installs them

(2010-08-12) Red-light cameras still at least six months away in St. Petersburg

(2010-07-05) Brooksville's red-light cameras only fleece drivers

(2010-05-30) Red-light cameras: A tax we can live with?

(2010-04-30) Passionate advocate of red light cameras wants to sell them, too

(2010-04-25) As red light cameras grow more popular, an academic dispute at USF simmers

(2010-04-24) Florida House approves red light cameras, has designs on the fines 

(2010-04-15) Spying or protecting? Red light cameras pose ethical question for Legislature

(2010-04-05) Traffic cams yield mixed responses

(2010-04-02) St. Petersburg City council approves red light cameras at busy intersections

(2010-02-26) Hernando legislator's bill would kill red-light cameras

(2010-02-24) Red light cameras soon may keep watch in St. Petersburg

(2010-01-23) Red-light cameras could be coming to St. Petersburg

(2009-11-29) Red-light cameras hunting down drivers in Temple Terrace, Hillsborough County