Chicago, IL, USA 2010 RLC Study

Official Title: Effectiveness of Red Light Cameras in Chicago: An Exploratory Analysis

Author: Rajiv C. Shah

This is a 2010 analysis by the University of Illinois at Chicago that compares the crash rate at 39 of the Red-Light camera intersections in the city of Chicago compared to the non-RLC intersections in the city. The analysis uses 12 months of pre-RLC crash data compared to 12 months of post-RLC data. The statistics used in this analysis are from the Illinois Department of Transportation(IDOT), which use a different definition of an intersection-related crash(within 150-300 feet from the intersection) as compared to the Chicago Department of Transportation definition(25-50 feet from the intersection). There are no data or conclusions in this report that suggest a reduction or increase in fatalities due to RLCs. This analysis does not go over injury crashes at all. The results show that while overall crashes in the city are down, the crashes at RLC-equipped intersections are up over 5%.

Download this study below (236k)

This is a fairly brief analysis consisting of only 8 pages, but the data and statistical analysis are verifiable, the selection of 39 RLC intersection sites is quite large as these studies go, and the conclusions are supported by the data. The City of Chicago had claimed RLCs were responsible for a 24% decrease in crashes.

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Dec 23, 2012, 5:32 AM