Jefferson Parish, LA, USA 2010 RLC Study

Official Title: Red Light Cameras: Do They Change Driver Behavior and Reduce Accidents?

Authors: Georgia M. Wahl, MD, Tareq Islam, MD, MPH, Bridget Gardner, RN, Alan B. Marr, MD, John P. Hunt, MD, MPH, Norman E. McSwain, MD, Chistopher C. Baker, MD, and Juan Duchesne, MD, FACS, FCCP

This is a 2010 study by medical staff from the Tulane University School of Medicine and the Louisiana State University School of Medicine on the effects of the red-light camera system installed at the most crash-prone intersection in the state of Louisiana. This study compares 10 months of before-RLC citation and crash statistics against 10 months of after-RLC citation and crash statistics. The study was done on only one intersection equipped with RLCs. The data used in the study was supplied by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, Traffic Division. There are no data or conclusions in this report that suggest a reduction or increase in fatalities due to RLCs. The study concludes that: "In this study, use of RLC does not seem to prevent traffic collisions at this intersection."

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This is a detailed 4-page page study(very small print). The goal of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the RLC system and how well it reduced crashes. The use of only 10 months of pre and post RLC installation is below the average and does compromise the conclusions somewhat. The use of data for only one RLC intersection and no control data further compromises the conclusions. One interesting aspect of this study is that it was conducted by members of the medical profession instead of by traffic planners, political specialists or insurance-backed organizations, which does somewhat add to its credibility. The conclusions are validated by the available data.