Las Cruces, NM, USA 2010 RLC Report

Official Title: Red Light Camera Presentation

Author: (uncredited)

This is a 2010 report on red-light cameras for the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico that compares the before and after crash statistics of the 3 red light and speed camera intersections in that city. The analysis uses at least 13 to 19 months of pre-RLC crash data compared to 13 to 19 months of post-RLC data. The statistics used in this analysis are from the Las Cruces Police Department which does not specify their Distance-From-Intersection inclusion zone for crashes. The data shows that crashes at RLC-equipped intersections have increased 23%. The data also shows that injury crashes have increased 29% at RLC intersections. Control intersection data is not shown in this report. The conclusions of the report are "Violations are showing a return of past driver behavior (72% increase)", and "Crash data is not revealing a statistically significant difference in the pre and post conditions. Longer time periods are needed."

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This is a brief 16 page report, but the data appears  valid, the selection of 3 RLC intersections is very small for this kind of report. The use of 13-19 months of pre and post RLC data is slightly below average for this kind of report, but should be adequate to come to some preliminary conclusions. The lack of control intersections or mentions of traffic volume changes somewhat reduces the validity of the data in this report. Another diminishing factor is that these RLC cameras also issued speeding tickets during the course of study period, which is something that is rare to include in these kind of studies. The conclusions are somewhat supported by the available data.

St Pete Driver,
Dec 23, 2012, 5:49 AM