Los Angeles, CA, USA 2010 RLC Audit

Official Title: Audit of the Photo Red Light Program

Author: Wendy Greuel, City Controller

This is a 2010 audit by the Controller of the City of Los Angeles, California on the effects of red-light cameras in the city of Los Angeles, CA. This report does not compare specific before and after crash statistics, but is does analyze the effectiveness of the city's 32-intersection RLC program that was started 10 years before. There are no significant data or conclusions in this report that suggest a reduction or increase in fatalities due to RLCs. This report does not cover injury crashes. The audit concludes that: "We found that the program cannot conclusively demonstrate that it has reduced traffic collisions, thereby increasing public safety." Another conclusion is: "we noted that the PRLP does not currently generate revenue in excess of costs for the City".

Download this audit below (4001k)

This is a detailed 77 page audit. The goal of this audit was to evaluate the program as a whole. The conclusions are validated by the available data. The city lost $1 million in 2009 on their RLC system, they also have no meaningful statistics available as to the effectiveness of the system, with the available data showing significant no increase in safety at the RLC-installed intersections while crashes in the city as a whole went down over the same time period. The red light camera program in Los Angles is now dismantled.

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