Lubbock, TX, USA 2008 RLC Report

Official Title: Public Works Update Safety Campaign Second Quarter Report

Author: (uncredited)

This is a 2008 report on red-light cameras for the City of Lubbock, Texas that compares the before and after crash statistics of the 12 RLC intersections in that city. The analysis uses at least 24 months of pre-RLC crash data compared to 6 months of post-RLC data. The statistics used in this analysis are from the Lubbock, TX Police Department which does not specify their Distance-From-Intersection inclusion zone for crashes. The data shows that crashes at RLC-equipped intersections have increased over 52% while city-wide crashes have gone down 2.7%. The data also shows that injury crashes have decreased 10% at RLC intersections. Control intersection data is used in this report, and it shows a rise in crashes at non-RLC intersections similar to the rise in crashes as RLC intersections. The data also shows that the city has lost money on their RLC program. The recommendation of the report is an immediate review of the program instead of waiting for it's one year anniversary for a review.

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This is a brief 16 page report, but the data and statistical analysis appear valid, the selection of 12 RLC intersections is only slightly below average for this kind of report. There is significant pre-RLC data, but only 6 months of post-RLC data does somewhat decrease the weight of any conclusions that may be drawn from the report. The use of control intersections somewhat improves the validity of the data in this report. Since there are no conclusions in the actual report we must assume that they were negative since the City Council voted to remove RLCs from their city within one month of this report being released.

Notes: Mentioned in relation to this report is a statement from ATS(American Traffic Solutions) that says: "the company, ATS, said six months of data is not enough time to judge them(red light cameras)."(external link).

St Pete Driver,
Dec 23, 2012, 5:53 AM